A half truth

Wouldn’t it be easier to just imagine having more money ?


Questions and Answers

Did you find out what Neena and Danny gave you to drink on that secret bottle of the first book?


How to quiet your mind

First of all you are always telling a story even when your mind is quiet, it is telling a story called quietness.


The power of love to improve a relationship

Is it okay to use the power of love to improve a relationship even though the other doesn’t want to improve?


Have you already manifested 3.6 million dollars?

How can we be surrounded by people have people want to love us hug us care for us?



This is very import part of your mind it is there to protect you. over the years the communication with this part of your mind has become difficult.


Getting Worse

This is something that has happened to few people usually at the beginning, it’s not a difficult thing to understand.


Questions and Answers

Dear Klaus, sometimes when I open the flow to send Love and I see/feel a small light in the middle of my chest.


Strong Feelings

Many people have reported strong feelings coming up while attempting to fill themselves with love or send love


How do I love myself?

Loving money, loving yourself, loving a dog, a cat, an object is all the same.


What to believe

I think the most important thing in life is to believe in something, it doesn’t matter whether that something is true or not.


Filling your business with love

“Did you tell him about sending Love and some of the other stuff?” Danny asked.


Focusing on Feeling Gratitude

For the next 3 days put all the attention you possibly have time for on feeling Gratitude.


About the feeling of Allowing

Allowing to receive love, wealth, health and abundance is the next most important thing involved in sending love and creating joy.


Finding Love, Finding Joy

The true source of experiencing enormous love and joy lies in one act. Discovering and following what excites us the most.


When we dare to dream

You are about to embark on a journey most of us only dreamed possible in these tiny moments. When we dared to dream the seemingly impossible hopes.


Comments from Readers

Klaus, just wanted to thank you for writing your book. It really inspired me and helped me learn some practical ways of using some of the information


A Controversial Note

It seems for as long as we have been on this planet we have found a way to destroy ourselves.


Additional instructions

This is where I will try to explain in more detail how love works and how to work with it.


Falling Asleep

Meditation seems to put me into a trance state and then I fall asleep. Is this normal?



There have been a lot of questions asked regarding this book, I will do my best to answer what I can.