Dear Klaus,
I’m struggling to find one answer and can not do it in your books (I have them all and I love them very much!)
I’ve been working with sending love for 3 years now, and yes, my life has changed in some areas a lot to a better side. But my question is a bit different…. As soon as I start working on new convictions in my mind such as “I have a few millions on my bankcard and I have a nice apartment at the place where I want to live” and make myself REALLY believe it’s all TRUE (I can feel it, sense it, smell it and be very happy about that) – I get the question in my mind right away “But why then are you living here still? With the people around that you don’t want to see? To have a life that you don’t like? Why don’t you go to your apartment and live a happy life with your millions?” And then I don’t know what to answer to myself. It doesn’t really work if I say to myself that I’m staying as a “guest” – I cannot believe it. I know that at such moment I show “lack” of those things in my life to the Universe and create even more “lack” as a result. How should I proceed then? How to make you still believe that I have all these apartments and money but by some strange reason I don’t go and don’t live at the place where I want and don’t use all the millions? I’m lost here. And thank you so much just for everything. For love in your books and for your teachings and just that you are exist. With all my love! Veronica

Answer: You have missunderstood the process and it seems you are not alone what you are doing is bringing up the feelings, that sensations of the vibration and surrounding yourself with the energy of what you want to experience so you temporarily believe you are there. it appears you have done this quite well and then at that moment just when you get the feeling that sensation and the joy of it, your mind steps in and tries to tell you that something is wrong your mind is simply trying to protect you as it has many times over the years What you don’t realize yet is that when you’re mind steps in and you very clearly hear it responding this is a very special moment and this moment when it happens you need to utilize it to its maximum what is happening is you reached a point of very clear communication with your mind at that moment you are hearing very clearly your opinions of your mind this is when you can very easily make inner changes If there is any in side you towards getting the things you think you want this is exactly where you will find it and also make the changes this is one of the reasons you are doing this exercise to bring up any inner fears or resistance most resistance will come from fear.

This is very import part of your mind it is there to protect you. over the years the communication with this part of your mind has become difficult now you have a new opportunity to communicate again this part of your mind uses reason and logic to protect you from outside live like a con artist trying to sell you something, if it doesn’t sound logical your mind will say no there is a lie. in the past you have overwritten this part of your minds advice and many times things have gone wrong and become painful mistakes then you become angry at your self and you begin to split into what appears to be two separate parts of you this is what you are now experiencing. You do your visualize station exercise and then when your mind that part of you speaks up that is when you begin your communication totally honestly no cover ups no lies now you must be totally honest and in time through this communication you will find any fears any resistance you have been holding onto which have prevented you from seeing and accepting opportunities that have crossed your path required to achieve the things you want. So your mind says none of this is true we don’t have the money we do not have the apartment. that is when you honestly respond with the truth, I am doing this to get the feeling of what I want and thereby attract the opportunities that will bring us down the path of creating the life that I am desiring also by doing this I can see if this is really something I want as I am already experiencing it in my imagination so I can make changes even before I received it and I love that feeling of it I love visualizing it I love experiencing the moment I love being there even though we do not have it at this moment. Now your mind will most likely say something like how will we get this? be honest you have no idea but opportunity will be brought to you by the universe that is the universal law if we carefully examined the opportunities and take them, we will be on our way.

If you continue to receive more resistance there’s a good chance you have gone too far for your present believable ability as example if you tried to tell me that you could or can achieve all this in 30 days even I would give you resistance because it will take you 30 days just to overcome some of your inner resistance also you have been given opportunities to put you on your path towards these things but most likely you have not seen them or thought they were insignificant or too time consuming these are also things that you must overcome I am not telling you that you are asking for too much I am saying you must be honest with your self even money comes one dollar at a time become a master at handling that money you have and more will automatically be attracted to you. Now for that final step of your meditation visualizing you will come back into full awareness of what you really have and at that moment it will be bigger than ever before and in your face more than ever before it is as if it got larger. I think you know what I mean. everyone experiences this. Now comes your third and final step very important when you say no to something I do not like you I do not want you! you give it your energy and it will grow larger now you need to relax let’s go except things around you as just something you did create which now you want to move beyond it is nothing more than exactly that, what you have, you did create, it is your creation know that if you can create this then you can also create more of what you now wish to experience you do not need to destroy that creation you have created, simply accept it for what it is, like you would a child that may not be behaving exactly the way you would like but you are not going to stop loving it because of that! I can’t stress enough that most likely what you have especially the parts that you don’t like will become bigger before new changes come I have experienced this many times and I have reports from many other people of the same that’s the time when they think it’s not working the funny part is that’s your first indication that something is working whenever you make changes there is going to be turmoil to plant a garden you are going to dig out everything that is growing and replant so remember as you do your exercise and the next day or even the same day everything you dislike seems to be larger and more in your face relax! it means it’s working and change is coming don’t resist relax as best as you can this won’t always be easy sometimes it can even be scary! You must let go as best as you can the more joyfuly you can do it the faster it will work.