How can we be surrounded by people have people want to love us hug us care for us? Have positive relationships in our lives? Have people approach us? And have those people who we don’t want in our lives leave? How?

Answer: You won’t like this answer In your case probably give more than you are taking if we were sitting in a coffee shop talking will it be about me or you ? Why do we need to discuss you if you already know everything about you so if you truly are concerned and interested in me I would automatically want to spend time with you. if I wanted people around me I would give more than I take. if all I wanted was to be left alone all I would need to do is take more then I gave and people would leave. Klaus

Klaus, have you already manifested 3.6 million dollars ? Don’t take it personally, please. I would like to ask how you know that your believes and theories are consistent with the true structure of the reality ? Without proofs and regularities they don’t differ from pure fantasies and wishful thinking.

Answer: I am so excited I have been waiting for a long time for someone exactly like you to ask that question even though it has already been asked and answered but now I can answer it so that a individual like you and their are many like you will be able to understand I am going to give you the best advice I have ever given anyone ever Get the hell away from this new age stuff go as far as fast as possible and don’t ever look back it is of no value to you it will do nothing but hold you back go to business school work at night delivering pizzas, scrubbing toilets I don’t care just go to business school and do whatever you need to do to get the money and go to business school even if it is night school do it in 10 years you will be sitting in your penthouse apartment overlooking the city wondering how many of those blinking lights are dreamers.

Before you even start school go to the library borrow the books you will be studying in school read them leave all of this other sh*t alone it’s not for you it will not work for you as you can already see there’s no point in continuously banging your head wasting your precious energy on something that will not put you where you want to be If you stop wasting your energy on talk boards daydream books and all of this other sh*t and put it towards business school learne about money that is what you want so go there why would you waste your time anywhere else stop being so lazy and get to it. So many like you find excuses not to apply yourself in that direction hopefully you will be different. Now for your direct question and answer here it is there is a very famous writer named Napoleon Hill he wrote a book called Think and grow Rich even today very many wealthy people say they reach their goals in part because of this book he died broke in his small house. I will die in whatever small place that I have at my time with exactly just the money I needed for my last cigar and probably not even to Pennys more. I turned the money away before it got here same as I did before if you drop it off in a suitcase at my door it would be in the stove before you got home this is the kind of thing that all of this new age meditation traveling out of your body to see how we got here that’s what it will get you!

Shocking at first isn’t it but you know this about me I told you in my first book I walked away from it, Napoleon walked away from it unless you want to end up like us get the hell away from it all. You want to know why so much new age writing is garbage? Because they get half way, then realize that all they ever really wanted was money buy they have already invested so much time they decide to use that new age writings and material and seminars to make money and that is why so much of it is garbage so the best thing is just get away from it. Go to business school that’s where you learne about money no one with money will want you unless you have gone to business school you won’t belong to the money club unless you do it. ther are lots of people that have hangups about money this holds them back but people who truly go after money they want the money so bad that they automatically let go of all their hangups and resistance because they want the money but people who think they want the money but they are actually just running away from what they have they have so many hangups and negative ideas about money it is very difficult to change that for them so that money can begin to flow to them that is what the book was for! You and many like you don’t need the book you need to get off your ass and do what is required and that is to go to business school and their are many and no excuses. So there you have it, no more lottery wins no 3.6 million no or very little money from the books and my writing why because I give most of my books away my tapes and my writing I even take the time out of my life to write this for you. I am so lucky I would not trade my life for anything because it is exactly what I want down to the last tiny speck of dust and yes when I die they will scream in terror he has no money! So what will you use as an excuse now!! Klaus