This is my opinion, take what you like and leave the rest.

It seems for as long as we have been on this planet we have found a way to destroy ourselves. We go to war and kill others by the thousands. We attack those who seem weaker than us and take what they have. We will and have killed others for what we want and even have been killed in the attempt. Half the world seems to be reasonably at peace while the other half is raging in war. Even when we try to help those that can not defend themselves against an aggressor we end up becoming like the aggressor that we are trying to stop. For centuries we have been taught that we do not have the power to stop an aggressor other than by fighting and killing. It has become a vicious circle there are those who desperately try to live in peace only to be attacked at sometime for what they have. We walk in fear of what others might do to us. We lock our doors lock our cars, install security alarms and all to no avail. There is another way.
Here is an example.

The people that lived in my home before me were broken into and robbed five times in seven years. Five times there home was vandalized and there things taken from them. On the other hand I have lived here in peace and for a long time, even though my neighbor did not. I have no alarms, my doors and windows are never locked. My vehicles are not locked and my garage door is always open with all the tools just sitting there. OK maybe sitting under the rubble. Even when we go away every thing stays unlocked and when we return not even a blade of grass has been disturbed. I have not even seen the keys for this house since I moved in. Most would agree that this is being foolish and just waiting for trouble. Normally I would agree but you have not seen the information in this book in action, nor what it is capable of.

At one time I was convinced like many others that God just placed us here and gave us no power to create heaven on earth. But in time I realized that it did not make sense. At the same time I did not know where the power was or how to access it. To believe that God made us powerless to create heaven on earth and to believe that we are part of God and left powerless to stop those who want to destroy everything in their path, that’s silly and there is no truth to it. The truth is we have the power to stop this and it lies inside of us waiting to be activated. The power that I’m speaking of is love and we do not need to hurt those that would hurt us in order to stop them.

Don’t let the word love, nor the way it has been described fool you, that is exactly how it has been hidden from us. I am amazed how the word Love has been worked over to make a mountain look like a pimple. Most people would agree that love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe but that is as far as it goes. We have been taught and in many ways have taught ourselves that love is a feeling and an unattainable force but that is not true. There is much more to Love and what we can do with it. The best way to hide something is to make it look like nothing, silly and wishy – washy. The universe and all that you see is not a closed system nor is it a self-sustaining. It needs an outside source of energy and that is what we call Love. Think about it, whatever you believe created all of this also created us and in doing so also gave us the power to create heaven on earth Does that not make sense? Alot of people are scared of what tomorrow will bring for themselves and for their children. I can’t blame them but after you read this book you will agree that the only thing that’s really scary is not having this information and to not be able to give it to our children.
I have learned to meditate and all kinds of wonderful things that have come from our spiritual scientists from the east and Tibet. What always bothered me was the fact that after 500 years of meditating, Tibetans had to flee their country and leave their people to be enslaved, tortured and killed. I’m not trying to put them down I’m saying that something was missing along the way they and all of us missed something that could at least kept us safe. If you can not keep yourself and your children safe while making the world a better place to live in, then there is something missing. Something is wrong with that picture. We are all waiting for God to come and straighten it all out, the fact is he gave us free will and he gave us the power to do it ourselves without hurting anyone or causing anyone harm. I know that saying this is a big statement but the proof is there, from the countless e-mail I get from people who have witnessed this same miracle, as I have. I am not religious other than that I believe in something larger and more loving than myself.

When I was younger I was sent to Sunday school like most of you but I felt that there was something not complete. It’s like this. When Jesus said to turn the other cheek something was left out. That something was send and fill them with love because that will stop them in their tracks, and of course the instructions on how to send love in a way that is affective. If turning the other cheek works so well on its own then when they robbed your store or robbed your house then why not give them more then what they were looking for? If it works so well why are churches locked? The point of turning the other cheek was to not hit back but there was a piece of information missing. How to work with love and how to activate this incredible power source to not only protect yourself but to also change the very person that is threatening you or your life and to live the life you want without fear. If you were in a place with no surface water and you had never seen a drilling rig then even if we all agreed that there is water we would still die of thirst. For if we do not know what a drilling rig is or how to use, it would just sit there just like the love inside of us. If love is the most powerful force we know of. And if we can use it to change our lives, create the things we want, happiness, safety, love, joy and so on, It is of no use if we do not know how to access it or where to get it. If I was talking of anything other then love it would scare me but love has a consciousness of its own and will not do any harm.
As you read on you will come to discover this for yourself and you will be amazed beyond words.The information I write in this book you will not find anywhere else, but that will change quickly.When I first wrote this book I placed it onto a web page to see if people were interested and to see if it was understandable, for some things are hard to express in words. The response was over whelming. People wrote in saying this is the missing piece and they were amazed at the results,

Thank-You for all your support.

If you consider yourself what some call a light worker, or healer, or if your are at least trying to be one of these, this is the information you have been looking for. This is the information that will take you to your next step. To the Tibetans I apologize if the example I made offends you but it is time to know how to release the love energy this world so desperately needs. This is for the two Tibetans who are of the few that know of this information and have held onto it tight. The time is now, one way or another it is time for people to know what loving power lies within them and it is time to release it.

It is time for people to be able to live in peace and without fear and to be able to create the life they want. It is fine that what you have accomplished that you have lived for a long time and that you do not need to eat or drink water. That you at will can be invisible to the naked eye. But you have forgotten what it is like for those who have been convinced that they are powerless and are living under the fists of others. You may have had your reasons but in my mind and from what I have seen going on in the world they were not good enough to keep this to yourselves. That is where we bang heads and will continue to do so. But then you know this was coming. I live well I live safe but it is time for others to be able to do so also.

For those that believe in a God, he gave you the power to create heaven on earth and if you use it he will come or perhaps in a second he/she will already be here. Think about this. Do you, do everything for your children or do you give them the skills and abilities to do it themselves? If you are going to let this information go because it came from a nobody like myself instead of a high priest well that’s up to you. You have the God given right and abilities to create the world that God wanted.

Take what you like and leave the rest for someone that will love it. As it should be.

For those that have and continue to write me, I apologize that you will most likely not get mail back because there is too much and to little time. All the information is here in this book. How I found the information, how to work with it, what to expect, and some of my own experiences. That is all I have to give you other than my love. Take the information and run with it. In two years you will look back and be amazed at what you have accomplished. We will all be. In the next few pages I will try to answer some of the most asked questions. I hope that this will help?