How do I love myself? How do I love money? How do I love anything?

Loving money, loving yourself, loving a dog, a cat, an object is all the same. It is the same process and we are now going to begin to talk about that process and as you begin using the process to love money you need to use that same process to start loving yourself.If you don’t do that, you will begin to attract money by loving money, but by not loving yourself, things are going happen to remove that money, bills will come up, accidents will happened and the money will be spent on things that you do not want to spend it on, you see you will become self destructive even though you’re attracting it.This is where it’s very important do not concern yourself so much with sending out love all the time but filling yourself with love. Your time should just be concerned with yourself filling yourself with love. Leave saving the world for a nuther day.Loving money or loving anything is very easy but trying to explain it may not be so easy for me so bare with me I will do my very best.
One more thing before we start, you remember the book money is love that was not just a cute saying the reason I said that is love is a magnetic force and one of the things that I’ve noticed money is much like love it is and money are both extremely magnetic and drawing to themselves, themselves.Money is drawn to money, if you love money, money is drawn to love, money loves to go where it is loved, I cannot emphasize this more strongly, it is extremely magnetic and once it builds, it’s magnetism builds. So the more money builds up, the more magnetism it has to draw itself. It is like it becomes a larger magnet to itself it likes to be together, it draws more to it.I have already begun to experiment with the process which I’m going to describe and I think you will see very quickly money that is loved draws more to itself.Stop watching the news.Stay positive!Loving money is a process of falling in love with money in other words you do it exactly the same as falling in love with a person, a thing, a pet or something that you love about life, falling in love with trees, falling in love with the city, the theater, movies, cars anything.
It happens when we look at the very best of whatever it is we were looking at. in other words we fall in love with a person because we are looking at their very best, we’re looking at the very best qualities and ignoring everything else, that is how we also fall in love with things we look at the very best qualities and then ignore everything else.To deeply love something you have to look at it’s very best qualities, the qualities that shines, the qualities that make you want to look at it more, the qualities that make you want to give it more attention, by giving it your attention whether its a thing or money, you magnetize it. And by looking at the very best quality of it you magnetized those qualities and those are the ones you will most likely begin to see more and more while other people might see the negative qualities or experience the negative qualities you will to begin to experience only the positive qualities and see only the positive qualities.

By positive qualities, I mean whatever shines for you, because what one person considers a positive quality another person might not. So it is whatever you see as a positive quality, that’s why we don’t all fall in love with the same person, because you like different things and we see and look at things differently. Someone that truly loves money guilt free without reserve is looking at it’s best quality I am trying not to name things because I want you to find them for yourself you have to find were money shins and you have to look at those qualities and only those qualities ignore everything else. When one person falls in love with another, they are looking at that person’s best qualities and if that other person was looking back at this person with the same idea of looking at their best qualities, then you get a magical thing happening and both individuals up lift each other, the same thing happens with money. Yes money is not a person it is a thing but the energy form of money reacts much the same when it is loved by you looking at it all the positive aspect it turns all those positive aspects towards you and you will see more of them and then it becomes also magnetic and all the positive qualities are drawn to you. This is so with everything in life.
Matter of fact, if you have been practicing opening your heart you will notice as you practice looking at the very best of everything in life, people, things, whenever you come across. You will notice while you were doing that that your heart opens on its own and you begin to radiate love. The next time you’re sitting across from someone talking to them casually, spend some energy looking at the very best in this person and you will notice some magical things happen

1) Your heart will open,

2) The other person his or her heart will also begin to open. And more will happen!
Someone can explain to you how to ride a bike but you are the one that has to get on it and learn and practice. If you want to be become very good you have to continue to practice it. It is not something you can pick up today and leave it tomorrow and expect the world to change it is up to you. Would you put in it, you will get out of it.
When ever you receive some money especially if it comes easily or joyfully to you, you need to take some of that money and put it away. take some of that money in cash home even if it’s only a $20 bill. you to find a place in your home to put that money somewhere where it is safe and you can keep it and also somewhere where you can get it out, where you can now begin the process of loving money where you can take some time to touch it and look at it and feel how wonderful that it came to you so easily and that it is now with you and you’re going to take care of it. You are going to look after it as a very cherished and precious thing and if you sooner or later decide to spend it on something it will be something wonderful and as beautiful as the money itself.