This is is where I will try to explain in more detail how love works and how to work with it. Please do not comment in this post. That is why we have the… You have Something To Say!

Since I’ve written the first book, The Messenger, I’ve received many e-mails, too many for me to answer, but I do read them, also I’ve read writings on talk boards and so I’ve come to realize that I did not give enough information on radiating love and working with love or perhaps did not explain it in detail and in depth enough. So now we will begin again more or less at the beginning and then expanding out where we left off exsplaning in more detail on how to work with love. Love is a tool just like a wrench or a pair of pliers and we have to know how to work with it and what our limits are and how love actually works then we can understand how to use it. Also, we need to understand how the world itself works, then we can fully understand how love functions inside our 3 dimensional world. Because there are restrictions in a 3 dimensional world, that is the way it was designed. Once a person understands more clearly how love functions and interacts with everything in the 3 dimensional world, then we won’t be so tempted to use a pair of pliers like a hammer, but rather use them in a way that works. I’ve seen and read how people use love to try do gain certain things that they want and i have dun it myself. Now we can have anything we want but not always the way we are using love to try to make it come about. It’s how we work with love that will get us the results.

1) Love Okay, let’s just get to it. 1st of all there’s a big difference between radiating love and sending love, Radiating love means you’re filling yourself with love, filling the room you are in and radiating out the love from yourself like a glowing light, that is entirely different than sending love and we should start and begin with radiating love, filling ourselves with love.

2) Don’t change the world. We always seem to want to change the world, and so right away we begin by sending out love, but first we have to understand how love changes things before we go and try to change everything around us, and the first thing we need to do is really open the valve filling us with love and do some changing inside us and bring up our own vibration before changing the world around us.

3) The orange that doesn’t wanna be red And before we go into that, we want talk a bit about testing if love works and I can tell you right now, if you set out to test if it works, it will fail. I’m will explain to you why it will fail, it is because the focus is on something that is not the way we want it and when our focus is on that something, the way we don’t want it.

Your focus will keep it exactly the way it is, or even make it more the way you don’t want it. So if you look at something and it is not the way you want it and you try to send it love to change it, it’s not going to change, because you keep looking at it and your energy is holding it in it’s place exactly the way it is, that is where the focus is. You cannot change an orange to red when you are fixated on the fact that it is orange, so 1st you have to let go off what is before you can change what is and love is not allowed to go against your will or any one else’s will. So by fillling yourself of love and radiating love you are letting go off what is, and by letting go off what is you let go off the fact that the orange is orange and once that process begins you can begin to see the oranges as red, and once you begin to see it as red then love in the sense has the ability to change it to that. This is just an example. Now, you might say what if the orange doesn’t want to be changed to red. Well, if you were 1st focusing on radiating love you would actually attract an orange to you that wants to change it’s color. See how everything comes together, first love and leting go then the energy lines up and then the attraction of the right things and it all works for everyone benefit. There is a very important key in here that unlocks endless potential if you understand it. If the mind and the heart are focused in the same direction you can move mountains, but if the mind and the heart and soul are focused in the same direction the mountain is already moved.