Many people have reported strong feelings coming up while attempting to fill themselves with love or send love, this can happen to a person whether they are new to sending love or whether they have been doing it for a long time it has also happened to me, these feelings that come up, are there for a reason. One of the most important things is to be completely honest with yourself, the more honest you are with yourself the easier it is to understand what your feeling. When bad things happen we always tend to blame something or someone else or the environment, the job, or situations everything els but we are reluctend to look inside ourselves, that is the 1st place we have to look. Accepting responsibility for your own life causes a slight problem, what happens is we cannot blame someone else or something else for what’s happening to us, as we could before because as we except that radiating out love can affect our lives. As we begin to accept responsibility for our lives, something very interesting happens. We have no one else to blame but ourselves and now we begin to beat ourselves up when things don’t go right, when we make mistakes or especially when we make mistakes 2 or 3 times in a row, the same ones. We are all in the same boat, we all do that, that is part of life. Naturally we tend to push negative feelings away especially negative feelings of unloving ourselves we push them down, but as soon as we become quiet and go into a love meditation or we begin to try to fill ourse with Love and radiate that love out all of a sudden those feelings well up, we don’t know exactly what they are at that minute but as we pay attention to them we realize what they are. They are anger, anger at ourselves, we tend to be angry at ourselves for putting ourselves into this situation or making a mistake or even making a mistake the 2nd or 3rd time or just not being as smart as someone else or we find ways to put ourselves down, it’s not that hard to do.

This is where honesty comes in it is extremely important because we need to really love yourself, confidence comes from deep inside and you know how tractive confidence is in another person, true confidence is a reflection of self love when a person loves themselves then they can also truly love others. Love truly begins with self love. Confidence also truly begins with self love. When we have a certain amount of self love for ourself, there is a confidence that wells up from inside and I’m not talking about the fake confidence that people put in front of their faces to pretend that they’re really have confidence. I’m talking about the type of confidence that you can see and feel as they walk by that is the type of confidence that comes from self love and when you have that you love yourself and respect yourself and take care of yourself even when you make mistakes you accept yourself, that is unconditional self love.

As that self love develops inside you you will notice a new ability to love things around you and you will notice that you will then have a greater power in radiating out love sending love in and attracting all those things that matches your self confidence and that self love.When a person has confidence which is fed by true self love which Then turns into love for others it’s truly wonderful to experience these people tend to be very attractive to others, it pulls others towards you, others want to be around you. Thay want to be near you want to be like you..We will talk more about self love and how to develop that later, As I gain more experience I realize that self love is the key to almost everything, that’s where it starts, that’s where our ability to make good choices starts, that’s where our ability to stay focused on what we want, and to feel good, no matter what the situation around us is. It all depends on our ability to love ourselves. Many times rather than being focused on sending love into situations or other people, we should be at times more focused on loving ourselves and accepting ourselves. Loving ourselves unconditionally no matter what happens, no matter what mistakes we make or things we don’t do right whatever the case we need to love ourselves unconditionally. Unfortunately we have learned to do the opposite what happens is we love ourselves when we do things right, when we have a good day and we make good decisions than we love ourselves very well but when we make wrong decisions, or things don’t go quite right, or we say something not right, then we love ourselves less, we love ourselves very conditionally on our behavior and this is something we learnt. For many of us, we started our lives with this behavior program very simply, if we do as we are told and behave the way others want us to, they love us. If we make mistakes or do not do exactly as they expect off us love is removed. Later in life, we behave exactly that way to ourselves and that is the stem of a lot of problems and mistakes. The funny thing is, the process to begin to love ourselves is not really that hard, it is the same process that’s used for loving anything or anyone, even loving money the same process is involved, exactly the same process as when we fall in love with someone, a puppy, a dog, a friend, anything, it’s exactly the same. Also in many ways we need to accept life as it is! No matter how much love you send or radiate out life will never be 100 percent perfect it will always be a mix of things sooner or later your best friend will die that is part of life that is the way things are here that is the way things are set up nothing will ever change that. More and more I realize everyday that it’s the harshness of life that creates a desire to strengthen my ability to love and my ability to love unconditionally. The two actually go together very well, one builds the other. K