The true source of experiencing enormous love and joy lies in one act. Discovering and following what excites us the most. Following our excitement each moment each day, all day. Unfortunately for many of us we spend much of our days following and doing what we have come to believe we need to do, rather than following what truly excites us and so would also bring us the joy and love we desire.

Can we truly expect to experience enormous joy, happiness and love in our lives if the first concern we have in the morning upon wakening is to be on time to the job that does not bring us joy and excitement? If 70 percent of our days are filled with activities that do not bring us joy, excitement and love then can the remaining 30% compensate for that? If such the large parts of our days are filled with activities that do not bring us enormous joy, excitement and love all the seminars books meditation and affirmations are not going to help. The more time we spend doing things that do not truly bring us joy and excitement, the more money we spend trying to compensate for our growing unhappiness. Unfortunately this ends up bringing us more debt and the end result ties us even more into working at what we dislike. This becomes the self-defeating circle.

Doing the things that excite us is what brings us joy and is the only way that we will ever experience ourselves overflowing with joy, love and excitement. Following our excitement is not one large step like quitting our jobs and spending our days sitting under a palm tree. That is escaping not following our excitement. Following our excitement and thereby creating enormous joy in our lives consists of many small steps each one leading to another. Following our excitement creates a chain reaction that will eventually support us financially. There is a big difference between following the things that truly excite us and doing things that we do to escape the time we spend doing things that do not bring us joy. The trick is to find in each moment the things that would bring us the most excitement and then do whatever we can too follow that excitement even in the smallest way , this causes a chain reaction.

Here is an excellent example of an individual following her excitement and the chain reaction it causes. About a year ago in individual we’ll call Sandy wrote me that she had read my book Living on Love “The Messenger” but stated that sending love had no results for her. After several e-mails we discovered that most of her time consisted of going to the job she thoroughly disliked and it barely financially supported her. I suggested that spending so much time doing what she disliked would not bring about enormous joy and love in her life no matter what she does. Her dream was to travel but that was financially impossible. I suggested that she be more precise about what she wants because just travelling might be an escape. Sandy wrote back stating that perhaps the idea of traveling was more of an escape from her life but that she really had the desire of discovering things like old buildings how they were built and who might have built them and what was their lives like. At that, I suggested that hundreds of people come to the city she lives in as tourists every day for exactly the same reason and she could begin by pretending she herself is a tourist in the city she lives in. She could begin following her excitement exactly where she is. I didn’t hear back from her for several months until I receive a long e-mail explaining that she began to pretend she was a tourist in her own city exploring and discovering the things that really interested her. From old abandoned buildings, houses, mines and farmsteads. Then she bought a used camera and started taking pictures of these buildings and doing short write ups of the research she did for these buildings. Universities, newspapers, museum and architects now seek her pictures and research. She has now become a photographer and also does tours for architects and architect students. Her income has more than tripled and she is now thinking of returning to school in order to become a architect. Following her excitement created a chain reaction constantly bringing her more things to be excited about. By following our excitement we are following the guidance of the larger part of us and are inadvertently headed towards discovering our greatest joy in love for life. Sandy did not know that she had such an interest in architecture. Following our excitement also becomes a self-discovery. We don’t always know exactly what would eventually bring us to the life of enormous joy and excitement. That is something we discover by following our excitement even in the smallest ways because each time we do the things that excite us most it bring us tomorrow’s joy and another door opens leading us to injoy it even more. Following our excitement can eventually lead us to things that at this time we have no idea we would enjoy so much.

What would bring you the most excitement and joy right now? Do as much of it as you can then again ask yourself what can I do now that I would find exciting and would bring me joy? And again do this as much as you can always keeping one eye open for an another opportunity.