Hello Klaus, First I want to say I absolutely love the “Living on Love” book. Thank you so much for offering this knowledge to the world Klaus! Second I would like to ask you for your advice. Is it okay to use the power of love to improve a relationship even though the other doesn’t want to improve? Just this week I ended a friendship with a girl I like because she does not like me back and I don’t want to put any more pressure onto her; I was being clingy and even creepy and she was really frustrated by it. The only problem is we will still see each other for the next 4 months or so because we are taking some classes together. What should I do? Should I use the power of love to improve our relationship or should I just leave it alone? I want to respect her decision but I want to respect my feelings too. Sorry to bother you with this question in case if you already had tons of them in the past. Relationships can really drive a man insane lol.

Answer: It’s a good question and your honesty is going to make it much easier to answer what’s happening is you don’t fully understand that thing which we call love and what it does first of all it’s not love also it is not an energy this thing we named it love simply because there is no real word for it at this time but when you open that valve and it flows into you and begins to radiate out from you it has that feeling of love that feeling which you would describe as love that is why we call it love for the time being in later writing I will give you a name for it from an old language it is the only language that I know of that has a word for it it is considered the oldest language Your (clingynes) as you describe it is because you do not have enough for what you require she has more than you have but she is not releasing it to you In actual fact she is looking for someone that has more than she has and is willing to release it it’s like candy there’s not enough to go around everybody has some but not as much as they want but at the same time people use what they have two attract others to receive more so when two people really like each other day release some of what they have and if the joining is a happy experience then that valve opens and they receive more but not from the other individual but from themselves that relationship only triggers the opening of the valve so if you begin practicing to open your own valve filling your self with this thing which will feel like love it then will begin to radiate from you and the results will be you will not be (needy) because you have enough.

So now let’s pretend you have enough and are feeling very good comfortable confident and you are allowing it to radiate out from you now as a gift you can send this thing what we are calling love for now to her it is no longer yours and it will go to her and unconsciously she will direct it towards what she wants it will do nothing for you it will not attract her to you because it didn’t come from you it simply flow through you to her and you only allow your self to be with the channel It is only when you are filled with love and it is radiating from you and that is when you will find that you will attract others towards you sending someone love as a gift will not have that effect it appears that way because before you can send love to someone you must open that valve and if you are able to open the valve in you than you are also filling your self with love and when that happens you are no longer concerned about being loved by someone having someone around you because you desire that company not because you need their love now there is so much more to this some day you will notice that the love that flows through you has a flavor and you will attract those that like that flavor as it flows through you it’s like you ad a flavor to it because of who you are it’s like water adding a small amount of color to it and this is what makes exchanging love interesting do you under stand now you do not have enough, she has a flavor that you find extremely tasteful but you where not very gracious you wear like a child in a candy store taking but non-giving fill your self with love let that extra radiate from you and see where this takes you. Not evry one will like your flavor of love, No matter how much you have.

hey Klaus, I was wondering if you are going to do any more audio talks? I still have your old ones on my mp3 player and it would be fantastic if you are going to do some new ones 🙂

Answer: I don’t think that I will be doing any more recorded tapes by but I am planning or thinking about is one recorded seminar where I could perhaps explain in more detail what this thing we are temporarily calling love is that can flow through you for the seminar would probably be stretched over two or three days four hours each day it would take at least that much time to explain the dynamics of this thing.

Hi Klaus! I couldn’t find an answer in your blog to something similar that interests me, so I’ll ask you. Well, I just finished reading your book “The Messenger” and tried radiating and even sending love. I may not be very good at it yet but at lest it already makes me feel better. The thing I wanted to ask you about is the following. About 2 years ago I started dating a man and we fell in love at first sight. It was very unusal and unexpected for both of us. We felt such special connection that we sometimes could read each others minds or simultaneously say or do the very same thing. But then it all fell apart. I live about 1000 km away and could visit only once a month. Because I didn’t spend much time with this man’s sister when I visited (we were very good friends before) she became jealous and angry with me. And because of that their family is very against me. I tried to make friends again and explain why this had happened but they won’t listen and don’t talk to me any more. They made me stay away from this man I love and make him believe that I am not a good person to be with. He left me 2 years ago. This was a long and painful story with depressions and tranquilizers and a lot of time had passed but the feelings are still the same. About half a year ago he said he still loves me but we can’t meet because it will only break his heart. It’s hard for me to explain but when we are (were) together it is like having that connection and the feeling of safety and happiness for both of us. Is it possible by sending love to change the attitude of that family to me and to make that man make the steps towards me that he was afraid to make or make him feel that he is capable of bringing back those relationships that make him happy? I am sorry for such a long and weird question. I would really appreciate if you could help me out of this situation. Thank you, Klaus.

Answer:I am sorry but please read your question to your self very carefully the answer is No you cannot force someone else’s opinions with sending love and that would not be allowed that would simply be forcing someone to agree with your point of view which they do not but this is not the problem the problem goes much deeper and to start with how will you send love when you barely have enough for your self would you agree that their are numerous people involved in this and that none of them have enough love for them selves so they are looking else where for it desperately and would you not agree that there is only one answer and one solution and that is fieling your self with love that is the only solution that I can see I am sorry I wish I could give you more but then that again would make the problem even worse Klaus