Mosaic Art Creations by Klaus Joehle

chef bagel mosaic by Klaus Joehle

Mosaics can be walked on, driven on, and are extreme-temperature resistant 100 C to -80 C. They are impact-resistant and can handle even a beer bottle being thrown at them. Spray paint can be pressure washed off without harming the actual Mosaic. The Mosaics can also be placed into salt-water aquariums. I design Mosaics that are not only visually stunning but also designed for the enjoyment of the Visually Challenged. The mosaics texture I have created is as beautiful to look at, as they are to touch. They are designed to be touched, allowing public interaction with the art piece. It is seldom that an art piece can allow children and adults alike to interact with it safely and enjoyably by touch.

The Mosaic itself is made from natural colored marble imported from around the world. Once arriving at my shop it is hand-cut into ¼” X ¼” inch pieces and then assembled to form a highly detailed mural. Some of the pieces are made smooth while others are made rough and slightly different heights allowing for the visually challenged and small children to enjoy what the colors say visually to others. This makes Klaus’s Mosaic Art not only a great piece to view but also creates an enjoyable touching experience.

Klaus Joehle is the creator of this Mosaic method for Visually Challenged people and children and he has received international attention for it. The prototype mosaic for this application was the Chef Bagel (See photos), which should be installed and placed at a level where many groups of people may come to see it by touch and sight.

Klaus also makes smoothly polished Mosaics; which are used as Stone Carpets, Table Inlays and Company Logos. These mosaics are durable enough to be used for pedestrian walks, swimming pools, waterfalls and Grand Entrances. The Mosaics are made from natural coloured stone that does not fade in the sunlight.

You can walk on them, dance on them, or drive a forklift on them.

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