Living on Love

“The Messenger”

What it after many years of studying so called ancient wisdom, you find yourself stuck? All the information is there, but nothing seems to be working. Then one day, out of work and out of money, you come up with a brainstorm. You take all the information you learned about meditation, remote viewing, out of body travel, and so on. You decide to mentally travel into the future to see what the results of the tomorrow’s sports lottery will be. But just as the money starts rolling in you run into your future self. You ignore him!

Living on Love

“The Shameful Secret”

Sometimes we create that which we believe after we have been convinced that it is the truth and thereby creating it to be the truth; when in fact it is nothing more than an illusion of the truth. We can become so convinced that even when evidence of the opposite is there we refuse to see it. Sometimes we become convinced that it is better to live a lie; than to face the hardship of truth. That is something we all know too well. But by living that lie we pass it on to our children. That is a crime that I too am guilty of even though I know better.


A Weekend With ‘a’ Drunken Leprechaun. Finding your Joy

Just a thought: sometimes there is nothing finer than breaking all the rules and reaching for the sky. Especially if those rules were meant to confine you, we instead of uplifting us. Then it becomes almost a heavenly act. As with everything, there is an art to break all the rules, it needs to be done in such a manner that it harms no one. But instead it lifts us and gives us a new horizon to reach for.

Roberta’s Coffee Table Book of Love

Inner Child
Ever notice?
That in every
Adult body
There is a child
Kicking to get
Maybe we should let them out
Before they wreck the place
Klaus J Joehle


“Money is Love”
Some Things are Worth Believing In

The “Money is Love” book by Klaus Joehle makes you feel better towards money. When you begin loving money, money will begin to love you and come to you.