Living on Love "The Messenger"

What if your future self offered you information about Love that has been kept secret for centuries? Information that will make all your dreams come true. Would you let go of the easy money? As you take this book home, so you will need to choose also.


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Finding love, finding joy

You are about to embark on a journey most of us only dreamed possible in these tiny moments when we dared to dream the seemingly impossible hopes.



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Meet the author

Klaus J. Joehle has authored five books and numerous audio recordings on the subjects of sending love, using Energy Vortexes and Alien abduction, finding your Joy increasing financial abundance and achieving other desired circumstances through focusing your attention on what you want. He self-published through print-on-demand 4 of his books in English.


Questions and Answers

A half truth

Many people have negative feelings towards money, they will always become self destructive towards money.

Strong Feelings

Many people have reported strong feelings coming up while attempting to fill themselves with love.

What to believe

I think the most important thing in life is to believe in something, it doesn’t matter whether that something is true.


If you continue to receive more resistance there’s a good chance you have gone too far for your present believable ability.