I have a curiosity: Did you found out what Neena and Danny gave you to drink on that secret bottle of the first book?

Answer: Mushrooms, special berries, herbs, cactus, honey…… making it yourself would turn most likely into a disaster and or deadly! Klaus

Hello Klaus My name is Patricia and I want to share you something. Rhonda Byrne’s last book called “The Power” is about LOVE! But that was your idea, wasn’t it? Why don’t you re-write your book “The Messenger” with a The Secret guru? like Joe Vitale or perhaps with Louise Hay. I mean, your book is good but doesn’t have that thing that inspire people to do things….. Sooner or later, someone will write about LOVE because of Rhonda Byrne’s impulse.. .Why don’t you? You were the first with that idea… I hope you can get all the success you deserve! Thanks a lot Patricia

Answer: Everyone has their own way of doing things of living and expressing their talents. I have no interest in media advertising talk shows seminars book signings, the information in my books came from my experience which came from the way I live my life. I am not the first to write about love and I will not be the last. I live my life and earn my living with my hands I Tile and make mosaics when I leave a home there is a beautiful tile job glowing with love . It is because of the way I live that I have knowledge of how the power of love works. at this time I have had not enough time to write it all out when I have the time I will do it. What Rhonda Byrne’s Chooses to do to make a living is up to her, it is of very little interest to me. She has the ability and marketing skills to convince 10 million people to hand over five dollars for information that is already freely available then so be it. It is not a game that I am interested in I am not saying that it is good or bad, simply not for me! If you find the material from someone else more inspiring, than, that is the direction you should go! Thats OK It will be right for you! Klaus

Hi I have a question I was wondering why your book is so popular in Russia compared to English speaking country I love your books Tony

Answer:It’s a good question ! the book has traveled all over the world I get letters from almost every country but there is a prophecy from a man named Casey he is now dead but he was considered the greatest healer In the Western world also he was very good at predicting the future events with great accuracy even though not everything turned out exactly as he stated much was very accurate. It would be impossible to be 100% accurate for things can always change but a very important prophecy was that Russia and the people would Become the hope of the world. by example all working together, here is the prophecies in short you can look this up on the Internet very easily. To me this all makes sense.

(Through Russia, Cayce said “comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” )