Here is a process for you to begin with…
For the next 3 days put all the attention you possibly have time for on feeling Gratitude. It doesn’t matter what you focus on to feel this feeling of gratitude, just that you feel it. Get a real sense of this feeling of gratitude just for the purpose of feeling it. Then even if you only feel a tiny bit of it, do whatever you need to do to increase it more and more. Play with this many , many times during your day every time you notice you’ve lost the feeling, find a way to bring it back and a little larger each time. At first this feeling of gratitude will feel wavering and flighty almost elusive, chase it in a fun and playful way. Do this with great excitement and intensity for the next 3 days; in other wards make it your priority above any other feelings.

Why not drop what ever you are doing and start right now? After you get hold of this feeling in you, I want you to think of something you want in your life just for a moment. Don’t get involved in the details of it; just leave the details out for now. Put the two together what you want and the feeling of gratitude for it as if you have it. Keep feeling the gratitude for it, don’t even give the slightest care about the details for it, and just keep feeling the gratitude. After 3 days give it a rest for 1 to 2 days, but then do it again.

Now let me tell you something really bazaar. In my life I have never felt this feeling of gratitude, but as I was searching for a way to open more to receive. As I was achieving this opening an incredible tiny feeling was coming up and it changed my whole vibration. Slowly as I was working on methods to open more, this feeling kept coming up and shortly after everything I wanted would fall into my hands. I called the feeling allowing for a better word of it. It was such a beautiful feeling that I started chasing this feeling, then I realized that when I was working on my methods of opening and receiving it was when I felt this feeling of allowing that everything would come to me so easily. Just like that! Also the feeling was coming in as I was vibrating at a certain frequency. It was that frequency that opened me to receive. The feeling simply told me I was there. Now one day it hit me, the feeling I called allowing was what people called gratitude. Slowly the lights went on and I realized that this feeling I called allowing is actually a very high frequency of love. When you hit that know your are wide open for everything beautiful, abundance will come to you effortlessly.
So there you go!
Klaus J Joehle