Allowing to receive love, wealth, health and abundance is the next most important thing involved in sending love and creating joy. This is the one area that a lot of people are having trouble with. Since I first put out my book I was immediately flooded with emails and letters from people totally thrilled with the results they were getting from sending love.

There were also reports coming in from many people saying “yes, I see the exciting results of sending love”, “yes I feel so much better but there are some things in my life where I still seem to be stuck”. Many people reported that these areas of their lives have improved, but some just did not seem to open totally or are flowing as abundantly joyfully as they should be. The biggest areas were money, freedom and abundance.
There is a reason for this and a very simple one at that. As people from early on in our lives, we unconsciously learn and except a condition called LACK. As in saying there is not enough of! As time goes on we turn this into resistance to reserve, especially receiving freely, joyfully, and abundantly continuously. The greatest resistance we learn is towards money and abundance. Abundance means a lot of everything! A lack of or resistance to abundance means we only allow a certain amount of whatever to flow to us and then we unconsciously turn it off the valve. Bang! And there we are.
Now I can totally assure you that by sending love, opening and radiating love where ever you go will result in more then ten times coming back to you. This is not my idea it is the law of love energy. This is how all that there is designed it, as more comes back you have more to give and even more comes back very quickly; therefore creating heaven on earth. It’s ever spiraling up increasing abundance of everything.
BUT here’s the kicker. If you are closed to receiving then, Yes the love you send out will make a beautiful difference to people and the world but you will stay right where you are; because none or only a small amount can come back. Do you see what I am saying? By unconsciously resisting the abundant flow to yourself you are not only with-holding everything you desire and deserve from you, but you then also slow the process of constantly increasing the outward flow of love. Your ability to give and create joy, love and abundance is linked to receiving that flow.
As an example; the more abundance I receive the more I can help others open to receive and the more they receive, the more they send out; which creates even more to receive. I hope this is understandable?
This tape strictly deals with releasing the two highest resistance areas abundance and money. I have worked on perfecting the process for over 3 years and I feel it is now at a level of being ready to share. The reason we work and play with the highest areas of resistance is because I have found that if you deal right of the bat with the darkest corners the rest automatically lights up on its own.
I don’t say the word God too much but what the heck! Imagine God-seeing people spending time and joy sending love, God gets all excited. Wow its finally happening they are finally catching on, then God sees those people not allowing it to return to them and slowly they become discouraged. What a bummer that would be, unfortunately that happens way too often.