“Did you tell him about sending Love and some of the other stuff?” Danny asked.
“No! I decided at that time it was probably best to keep to myself. I did tell someone else though. This particular person was running a small business here in town. As I told him about everything that was going on he became more and more interested and wanted to know how he could use Love in his business. Over the next three months I worked with him on that. We also taught his employees to send Love. This took a little bit of convincing, as you can imagine, but we managed to do it. I also made the stipulation that this had to be secret and no one was to say anything to anybody else.”
“So what happened?” asked Neena.
“At first, the only thing we noticed was that everybody seemed happier. Everybody seemed to really be enjoying themselves. But nothing happened as far as business was concerned. It took roughly about six weeks and then suddenly business started to increase, very slowly at first. Then it just seemed to take off, and he ended up having to turn business down because he just couldn’t handle it all. The other thing that was really interesting which came up in several meetings we had with the employees and himself and his wife who was also working in the business is that everybody was saying that it had an effect on their lives at home. The topic about attracting other people also came up many times. There was one single woman and one single man working there and both mentioned quite a few times that every time they went out they couldn’t believe how magnetic they had become to people, especially the opposite sex. It was pretty apparent that they were having the time of their life.”
“So what’s happening with this business now?” Danny asked. Not a surprising question, considering that his bar was pretty quiet.
“About a year later he sold his business and moved to the United States to open another business. Apparently that’s where he always wanted to go. He also took two of his employees with him. From what I have heard throughout the grapevine, he has about 25 employees and is doing great.”
“Why do you need to hear it through the grapevine?” Danny asked. “Aren’t you in contact with him?”
“No. I knew that at some point I would end up needing to write about this, and I decided that it was best to keep who he is and what business he and his wife are in a secret, at least for the first few years. So I told him that it was best that we do not maintain contact. They both agreed with my reasoning.”
“I don’t understand why you would do that,” Danny said.
“It’s pretty simple. I can go into the future and look at the probable outcomes of my book and the information in it. The outcome is unbelievably fantastic. But there are some people who are going to get confused out of fear that they are being controlled. Love has nothing do with control…actually it’s the total opposite. Love is attractive and magnetic. Some people are not going to understand, at least at first, that if you have two businesses you can choose from you will automatically be attracted to the one that is radiating with Love. That’s only natural. Which will give you the best service and care the most for you? It’s pretty simple to answer that question! Unfortunately, some people are afraid of their own shadow. It won’t take very long before you’ll see small and large businesses doing it everywhere. I’m not saying that my decision was absolutely right, just that I felt it was the right thing to do and that’s really all there is to it. Let’s get back to the story because there are some other things you need to know.”
from The Messenger (read, buy), chapter 31