Dear Klaus, sometimes when I open the flow/send Love I see/feel a small light in the middle of my chest.

I can never tell you exactly what is happening with you because I don’t know you, I can only tell you what I know from experience and this sounds like one of the experiences I have had and other people have gone through and what it might be and most possibly is, is a channel of communication from that larger part of yourself. It is looking for clear way to communicate with you and to give you information that you want so this is the beginning of it, so the best thing is to do is just allow them, don’t analyze them, don’t think too much about them, just allow the visions to come and pretty soon you will most likely see other visions and more intuition and thoughts and ideas will come down that same channel if you to continue to allow it. it is just a beginning of creating a channel of communication. Be happy about it.

I use your meditation tape ‘Opening the flow’ twice a day and the feeling is always amazing. After a month and a half my life has changed: for the worst… health, money, relationships, mood. Everything is collapsing…

The opening flow meditation is not designed to be used twice a day, maybe twice a week it does exactly what it says, it opens the flow it’s like using a crow bar to open up a candy store and then run in and eat as much as you can twice a day. I’m surprised you are not throwing up on the floor, you are a bit of a intense person and 6 weeks is not a very long time to learn something like sending love and if you read my books. It says very clearly to take it easy, people who have pushed it report extreme chest pains. Even the symptoms of bronchitis. It is something you do slowly and you work into it and you bring what you do in the meditation into your day to day life in other words it should change your focus during the day so that you focus more on positive things for now you need to slow down and backtrack and just fill yourself with love and let that love radiate out from you. Sending love is a soft and delicate art, you need to respect it, slowly grow into it, learning from it, getting the feeling of it, getting the sense of it. It is not a force to be used to make the world behave the way you want it to It is a loving source of power to attract to you the things that will make you the happiest and bring you the greatest life. That is the art and at same time allowing others to experience life in their way.

Klaus, can you tell us about some of your manifestations you attracted to from using visualization? In all the manifesting books they say this is the fastest way to achieve your goals. What do you think?

In all my writing I have told you over and over if you do not believe something it doesn’t matter what it is it’s still not going to work for you, so if you want to create things by visualizing them as if you have them already, yes it will work for you if you believe it will work for you but if you’re already asking whether it will work or not that means you really don’t believe and so it’s limited based on your belief.If you do not believe in something 100 oercent then your mind will continuously go against what you want your thoughts will continuously go against what you want and you will with your mind work against all your efforts, so you’re 1st priority on anything is too believe then you can move forward and begin creating what you want.

I’m working with love since an year. Every time though (after a few days) things start getting really bad therefore after a while I quit and after a month or so i start again. This has gone on for the whole year: I send love, everything collapses in my life, I stop, then i start again, etc. I may have done it at least half a dozen of time. When I say everything goes wrong I mean I’ve lost three jobs, my partners, my friends, my house, had been in car accidents, been ill for weeks, been attacked, mugged, etc. it never happened my whole life: I have always consider myself a lucky person indeed. It scares me now to start again to send love, either to myself or to everything else. What is your opinion? Has anybody had this before? Many thanks if you will reply.

You have being through a lot and I get the feeling you’re very smart and that you’re going to get to what I’m about to say, approximately 5 years before I put out my 1st book living on love the messenger I literally destroyed my life my job money friends everything. I had no car and not even a safe place to live, fortunately I went to a bankruptcy seminar which we all had to go to ordered by the court. There was an individual who was very honest but extremely rude he said that 90 percent of you will be coming back within a few years. He said most everyone would come back simply because no one here in this room was taking responsibility for themselves. Upon leaving the room I realized he was right I was responsible for my life and what it had come to.I decided to get help and not help wher someone tells me how to behave or what to do but help where someone just listens and helps me bring out whatever it is inside of me that’s eating me from the inside and causing me to destroy my own life my own well being. it took a while but we found it. It was buried so deep and hidden behind so many other things, when it finally came out it was like a fire breathing dragon and I could see it for the first time after that things got better, it took time. What you are experiencing was not created with sending love. I think you know that and I think you know that only you can take the required steps to solve the issue of your life. I have a feeling you will do it. Klaus

Hello, my question is, I cannot focus on sending love for longer than 20/30 seconds. Then my mind starts dreaming and after a few seconds I get back to visualise and feel the love? Does that mean that I’m sending love only for a few seconds tha a gap then again and a gap etc, or once I’ve started the flow goes by itself? Many thanks Fiona

This is perfectly normal for when you 1st learn to put yourself in a meditative state. Don’t worry about it it will get better as you go along and yes the love will continue to flow and it will continue to flow even when you come out of the medication depending on how long you can keep yourself in a happy good feelings state the longer you can do that the longer the flow stays open.If you come out of the meditation and start looking at negative things that make you sad and feel unhappy, that is your indication that the flow and the valve is starting to close that’s why you feel that the way, look at positive things always look at the best of everything, there is always some good in everything trie to find that, that would help to keep the valve open. Klaus

How can I stop people being attracted by me? I’m not joking it’s becoming a big problem. But I do love sending love and I like filling myself everyday. I’m not attractive and I’m in my 50s but no matters where I go men, women, children even animals follow me and approach me. I feel like Saint Francis! My garden has became the meeting point for all the neighbours cats. People touch me everywhere. I’m sure they don’t do intentionally though; it just happens. I’m a very solitary person and i like to be on my own. I don’t want to stop sending love but I need this to change as soon as possible. help me please. Many many thanks. Amal

Working with love is like playing a musical instruments you play a frequency and you either drow people towards you or push people away. This is all new to you but as you keep working with love you’ll find the right frequency where you can send out love and attract only the amount of people to you that is comfortable for you. You will learn this.This is not something that can be taught to you with a book or some words written on the page, it is something you learn with experience and with care. Working with love is a fine art and like a musical instrument you don’t expect to pick one up the very 1st time and become a professional instantly it takes time to get the right tunes. In time you will learn it and it will become more and more beautiful for you. As you spend more time working with love and paying attention to it, you will notice that it has a frequency and that frequency can be adjusted it can be made more or less make megnedic and meny uther things. But 1st your senses have to be able to feel the vibration or tone of love and it’s variances, you have to teach yourself overtime just like tasting fine wine and being able to detect the flavors, it takes time to learn.