I started sending love and now things seem to be getting worse!

Answer: This is something that has happen to few people usually at the beginning, it’s not a difficult thing to understand, but depends on understanding of how your thoughts create your life’s experience.

There’s a tonne of literature out there from scientific to academic explaining how your thoughts create and then attract your life experience. So I’m not going to try to prove it to you, I’m just telling you, this is where the understanding to that solution begins. If you’re facing this problem right now stop sending love and just process on filling yourself with love and making yourself radiant and stay away from issues in your life that are troubling you while you are filling yourself with love. Do not focus on the situations that are bad and try to send them love because most likely your not really sending love you just pushing out your energy. Feeding the negative things that are happening in your life because when you look at something negative or positive you feed it your energy for right now the best thing is just fille yourself with love let that love radiate from you and let that be beginning at this time. Make Yourself radiant and just let go of sending love at this time until I can explain this further.

To explain exactly what is happening I will demonstrate this by two individuals in exactly the same situation only they have a different attitude and they used love differently.

Individual A

Hates his job hates his boss is mistreated at work hates the money that he is making because it is never enough he decides to make some changes and begins to send love into that situation fully focused on all the negative parts of this job. Now what will happen is very simple I can tell you exactly what will happen in a very short time the boss will be gone the job will be gone and the money that was never enough will also be gone you can only blame yourself because you continuously focused on the negative and that is all love heard from you and that is what it helped to create you did this your self and your boss was probably quite happy about relieving you of this job he probably felt very good about it you see love gave you the exactly what you focused on then by adding the power of love it came about faster and more easily and their you are you have exactly what you asked for. It would have happened regardless. it just would have taken longer you might say that I said love does not create anything negative well this is not negative. It is exactly what you asked for you didn’t want your boss you didn’t want your job and you didn’t want the money and so now you are relieved of all the negative stuff you focused on it is exactly what you asked for it is exactly what you thought about and now you blame love and you say jobs are hard to come by the economy is bad everything is bad well let me tell you I would not hire you because you with your attitude you would bring it to my business you would not be a useful employee but another boss who has the same attitude as the one before who also thinks of negative things and thinks employees are useless and are paid too much for what they do will most likely find you an attractive employee and unless you change your attitude you will be back in the same situation again. It may look a little different and start off different but it will end up the same way.

Individual B

Does not like his boss does not like his job and also agrees that he does not make quite enough money but he realizes this is what he has this is what he has created so far and now he wishes to make changes so to begin with he thinks about what he would really like what kind of job he would like how he would be treated by his boss and by his fellow workers He tries to bring into his conscious thinking all the positive aspects of a job and the wonderful money he could make. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination hopefully pointing towards a happy positive side and then he filles himself with love feeling radiant and feeling good and positive while thinking wonderful positive thoughts he then sends love into this workplace again thinking of all the positive wonderful aspects he then sends love to his money that he is now making and bringing home and he feels good! love goes about attracting the circumstances and opportunities that will bring him to this new life experience but when the opportunities come he has to reach out and grab the opportunities and run with them accepting them even if they seem only a small step one step will lead to another step and soon he he will be living and experiencing his New life. It took you 12 years to learn to write and read and some arithmetic but some how many people seem to think they should be masters at creating their life and masters at working with love in just a few day.