Wouldn’t it be easier to just imagine having more money and then have the money just come to you? That’s the most straight-forward way to bring money into your life. The Universe will always give you what you see in your minds-eye, I have tried this myself and have, after much imagining, have small amounts of money come to me. I think there ARE easy ways to attract money into your life, but so few people are willing to really tell it like it is. It always makes me wonder, why they never… “spill the beans”…. on this simple method!

Answer: What you are saying makes logical sense but unfortunately it’s only a half truth and you have not really been listening to what people are saying, they are saying they can attract money but there’s a certain point and they cannot get pass that point and I think you yourself are having that problem, it’s not about attracting money it’s getting beyond the resistance. Many people have negative feelings towards money, so no matter what they do on the outside, visualizing and other things, they will always become self destructive towards money unless they can change those inner feelings, that is what we are working on, changing those inner negative feelings towards positive feelings, as in loving money and that will attract more. Klaus

I’m from Ukraine. I bought and read all your books. Many thanks for your work! This books were the greatest event in my life! On reading your bestsellers I sent love every day. It was cool. The last two months, after reading “Money is Love” I was sending love to my money, to my money abundance. I filled with love a picture of my abundance. All was going in the best way! It was madly! But three days ago changed all !  I couldn’t send love anymore! What’s wrong? Did I send to much love? I sent love to my money three hours per day.

Part 1: Sending love three hours a day is really not ideal I don’t remember ever telling anyone to do that what I suggest would be that you send love three or four times a day for two or three minutes and then spend three hours looking for opportunity to make more money in other words love is magnetic it will attract and bring opportunities to make more money love does not in itself create the money and drop it in your lap so you have to be out there looking for the opportunity and when an opportunity presents itself small or large Go for it.

Most people reject small opportunities because they don’t see that in the future a small opportunity is a pathway for the big opportunity in other words you may be presented with a job that does not pay very much but it is the first step to a larger opportunity you have to be willing to accept it and move on with it even though it’s a small amount of money keep that money hold on to it don’t spend it right away even if you only make five dollars an hour and $15 a day that’s $300 a month in 10 months that’s $3000 through that process most likely another opportunity will present itself and then you take the next step and you continue on and pretty soon you find yourself making quite a lot more money and most likely doing it in a way that’s quite joyful that you could never have imagined before that is because you accepted the opportunity that was in front of you and you took the path this is how I started my mosaic shop I rented a small shop in not a very good area but I saw the possible opportunities that were coming this first shop everybody thought it was not a very good idea but as it turned out the shop had many surprises I did not plan on opening a mosaic shop I was thinking of opening a tile shop but then as soon as I grabbed the opportunity all kinds of other things fell into place and next thing I knew I was making mosaics I had not even realize how much I love doing it but the universe knows that and directed it to me but I have to be willing to accept the opportunity I watch people around me receive awesome opportunities to go to a their joy in their life but they turned them down over and over because they don’t see the magic in them at the beginning they don’t see it’s one small step to very large step as an example there was a reader who was out of money and accepted a job temporary as a piano mover this was not something he wanted to do but he needed the money the opportunity was there he took it he did not realize that one year later he would be a very very excellent piano player making a living from playing the piano the amazing thing is that he had no clue that he had all that talent sitting there just waiting to burst out.
The reason for filling yourself with love and sending love is one to feel good and two to attract all the things and opportunities to you that will bring you the most joy in life not the things and opportunities you say would be best for you but the ones that actually will be best for you.

Part 2: Apparently he now also owns part of the moving company I asked him how did you get so good at playing piano so fast he return by answering the when we didn’t move pianos we played them my boss was an excellent teacher. I’ve played till my fingers bled and then I played some more wearing gloves we play we play we play we move we play we move we play we play we move we move we play! People ask me how did you learn mosaics the answer is the same I do it I do it I do it I do it and then I do it some more and then some more and then some more and that’s all there is to it you just do it and keep on doing it I cannot spell at all.
I cannot even write a check but I write books if you want to do something you just do it don’t question it you will find the way you will learn it what is needed it will come to you that is the point of filling yourself with love and sending love to attract this to you and then you do need to do some work but it will not feel like work.

Part 3: It is exactly the same when you send love to a person you surround them with love that love attracts possibilities and all the things that they would like to them but they then have to choose and also act on the possibilities and on the opportunity. The universe is based on free will you have absolute free will to choose whatever you like regardless if it good for you or bad for you, it is your choice. Not to long ago I had the opportunity to have something I’ve been wanting for a long time I drove past it on the highway It had a big for sale sign on it and something told me to stop immediately because the price was extremely right I was tired and I wanted to get home and I said to myself I’ll do it tomorrow but tomorrow came and the opportunity was gone I had attracted the opportunity to me and then my own attitude messed things up . No one else is to blame many times you may not see the opportunity as clear as this. The universe is not going to babysit me and it’s not going to babysit you . That’s not its job. Klaus

Hi Klaus,My love to u and Roberts, In one of ur recordings u said that with the power of love u can literally throw a person off his feet? Can u explain that further.Thanks.

Answer: Once you spend enough time working love really getting to know the energy itself so much so that you can hear and smell it taste it and see it become it and yet stay yourself what will happen is you will see it and understand it the day after you would never use it that is the best that I can do to explain something that there are no words in the English language. English language is not even adequate to explain sending love properly Shortly I’m going to attempt to explain how some people drain energy from other people almost like vampires this is extremely important to understand and learn and once you learnd it you’ll see it all around you happening constantly it’s quite amazing unfortunately the language is not complicated enough to really explain it properly so it will be like a kindergarten explanation but hopefully it will work. Klaus