How to quiet my mind or rather how to change the stories it is telling. I have used love mostly to change the outside of my life and thanks to your money book I’ve created a nice piece of extra money for me., But I have realized, that the outside is not my problem (as I always thought). In fact, I love my life the way it is right now. I own almost nothing and live in an ugly, small flat, but this gives me a lot of freedom that I really love. I’m still young, and I have some cool visions for the future but right now this fits me perfectly. I’ve realized, that whenever my mind is telling it’s stories I feel pain, sometimes so much that I can barely stand it. But when it’s quiet I feel all alive and kicking. That is why I don’t want to change my surroundings so much. I want to change myself. Here is what I’ve tried so far (besides the usual radiating and sending love): Years ago you have released a tape, in which you told about injecting love into your negative emotions. I love this, it also helps in quieting my mind. But is isn’t lasting. Same with sports. When I do my favorite sports, Aikido, my mind doesn’t say much, almost nothing, and I couldn’t imagine feeling any better than this. But it isn’t lasting either, but at least for some hours after the training. Somewhere you have mentioned to visualise a beam of light going into your mind in order to empty it. But the second I let go of the visualisation my mind goes back to maximum sound and annoyingness level. So my results are close to zero, and more than that these exercises aren’t changing the tone of the stories that my mind keeps on telling as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. To cut a long story short: How can I adress the root of my thoughts? How can I change the stories in my head? I can’t simply ignore them, because they feel so real and true and important.. But also I don’t want to “kill” my stories either, because they are a part of me… I just want to drop the “I should..” and “He should..” and all that…

Answer: First of all you are always telling a story even when your mind is quiet it is telling a story called quietness when you played sports you are also telling a story and focused totally on that story even your writing is a story. you are correct about changing yourself rather than attempting to change your surroundings in many ways you have answered your own question. you do not want to kill that story even though now these stories are making you feel sick because they no longer serve your purpose but at the same time you do not want to release them because you feel they define who you are. in many ways we feel a bad story is better than no story at all if you want to feel better tell a new story. you may not feel it is that true at the beginning but in time it will become your story, because you will become that story you are telling just like the stories that your mind is saying now that no longer serve your purpose, you believe them to be true but originally they were not really that true just an opinion from a certain angle off viewing there is no such a thing as a true story in this universe all stories are relative to the opinion of the viewer and his or her viewing angle if you want to change your story in your life that you repeat in your mind that you tell yourself in your mind that you also tell at the same time to the universe and having the universe react to your story. It is best to change the story a little bit each time each day rather than changing this story totally if you try to all of a sudden to changes the entire story your mind will object and resist you.

If you are poor and now you try to tell yourself you’re are rich your mind will object but if you tell the story a little bit different as in there seems to be more money coming in every day I think, I’m positive, I’m quite sure, I’m making more money than I was before, more money seems to be flowing to me, I can’t quite tell how much, but I know it’s more, I can feel it! rather than your mind resisting it will go ha ha interesting I will look for you I will find it. I will search for you, now your mind is working with you for you what you are doing is slightly changing the focus from focusing on something to the possibility that there might be more than you saw their before I used money has an example but you can use anything if you have many bad relationships don’t try to change those stories totally over night just say I think there was many times where I was very loved and felt love. I wonder if I have just forgotten them at that point your mind will say yes I will look for those if you continue with this new memories will unfold in your mind and it will not take long your entire story can change without resistance but you must remember to not fall back into your old story because for a while it will be like a scratch on a record bringing you back to that old groove that was cut into the record if you have a story that you are telling and you have a very high emotional reaction to this story. It will take more effort to change because of the emotional attachment I have found that the painful stories we tell of ourselves are the hardest to change because we tend to be reluctant to let go because we have so much invested in this story this is because we think it defined who and what we are this makes it even harder to change until we release that opinion. I have had this problem and sometimes I still do many people who are good at creating the things they want, have this problem you see everything in the universe is a story without stories there would be no planets no life no universe all is here in existence because of stories you are good at telling stories in your mind this makes it easy for you to create the things you want because once your mind locks on to the the story it continuously repeats it and — attracting and creating opertunatys. unfortunately sometimes we tell a story that is not so good for us and it is not always so easy to switch it off but with practice you will get better and better at changing the stories to the ones you want and your mind I will play them over and over creating attracting what you want to experience this is already happening in many areas of your life.

They are just some that you need to ajust Think of it this way if we spend some of that 12 years we spend in school learning to read and write instead spending some of that time on practicing to directing our minds that results would be astonishing to say that least. you are that type of individual that could open a school of this nature for adults. It appears most of your problem comes from you beating your self up when you make a verbal mistake or you think you have made a verbal mistake because words are important to you because they are stories that create but if you beat your self up you will also not have patience for others it’s one of my biggest obstacles.

Hi Klaus, Thank you so much for your books! I am learning and practicing – and already noticing inner changes.
My question: Often when I try to fill myself with love – I feel NOTHING. I try to get a good feeling, but I just feel blank. I felt that this was not working, until one day I just decided to pretend that I felt love – and this helped. Now when I visualize, I just pretend that I am filled with love and radiating love. I can imagine – but can’t feel it. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks, Tomi

Answer: This is a very difficult question to answer because at different times the answer is different so I will try to give you several answers and it will be up to you to pick the ones that are most relevant to you at any given time regarding feeling love when you are filling your self with love. 1 Don’t expect any change going in to it, but rather believe that it will make a difference and even if you don’t feel it right away it will come. If you go in to it expecting certain feelings your focus will be on off or on them not on what you are receiving. When you focus on what you expect many times you close the door on to what you are receiving Sometimes depending on the mood that you are in as you start, it can take quite some time for a new and better feeling to come about even though the effects are there you might not feel them because they are very subtle, some time it’s just a feeling of well being or that everything is okay

If you are in a negative or down mood when you start it will be much more difficult to change if you have not much practice with filling your self with love so in the early stages it would be best for you to mentally first change your thoughts to some that will make you feel better, you do that with your imagination. Imagination is a very important part of your mind and thinking process it is a very powerful way of directing your thoughts and also then directing the energy of the universe to create what you want so start by thinking of things that you like even just one thing make it bigger use your imagination to pretend that you are feeling good happy that you are where you want to be do whatever you can to bring your thinking process towards positive things, positive goals, positive thoughts, positive ideas, this is something that you really want to do before opening the flow of love as you begin to fill your self with love and allow it to radiate out from you, you will attract to you those very things that you used to make your self happy it’s a very powerful process first you put your self where you want to be then you use that energy or better said you direct that energy that creates everything towards that what you want it’s like making a statement of what you want and then releasing the energy to receive it as you feel the love or just sense that love radiating from you.

As you begin to send and believe the end result that in it self should lift your spirits this will become a much more powerful experience then the next time you feel you are in a good mood already take five or eight minutes and fill your self with love. don’t just wait till you are sad.

Many people seem to work with filling them selves with love or even sending love when things are not so good or when they are not feeling very good this is fine after you have had much experience with working with love but in the early stages as in under one year experience of doing it every day at least once you should do it at times when you are feeling good, happy, excited when you can believe, when you can believe in a new future when you can believe that you can have the things that you want, those are the times to fill your self with love. The same goes for sending love, dont to start when things are bad start when things are good, start with a friend that is feeling good and start when you are feeling good and simply send them some love!!!! after filling your selfless love as time goes by you will become very good at it because each time it was a very joyous experience and it will have made you feel even better. Plus you will be able to experience good feelings much easier then when you are sad and things are not going well. When you first try to fill your self with love most likely you will not yield huge amazing differences it will improve a bit and then you have to continue with directing your thoughts towards positive things regardless off what’s going on, otherwise you will just simply go backwards. Negative thoughts are like poison. So you filling yourself with love is like eating something really good for you then 10 minutes later you bring your thoughts to negative things and keep them there it is like eating poison and it destroys all that good you just did.

Spend more time believing rather than expecting the believing is much more powerful it allows the door to remain open for when the best moment to receive what you want. Expecting is much more demanding and not really what you truly believe there is a level of expectation beyond the normal expecting it is different it is that you believe it so much that you simply expect it to show up and simply do not even think about it, it has developed a certain level of trust. When you in time develop a vast level of expectation with working with love which will take some time to develop, but never the less, when that happens and you find that feeling it is extremely powerful and you your self will feel yourself that powerful, you cannot reach this level by expectations more by simply allowing, observing, accepting, experiencing, believing knowing almost invisible changes. Changes that others would not see, changes you would not recognize while in the thought patterns on expectations, that is why regardless of whether or not you are feeling what you expected or not, you would simply go with the flow knowing that more is coming, just knowing it.

Remind yourself to send and fill your self with love at the happiest moments that you know, when you are feeling your very best, that is when it will be the most powerful for you. As time goes by you should be experiencing less and less of negative times but more neutral feeling times. Times when you are not necessarily feeling extremely happy and not feeling sad but simply totally in the middle, you and many people think this is something bad but in fact it is very early stages of what some called a Path to enlightened man this path opens at times when you are neutral simply allowing things to be without affecting you positive or negatively you simply observe without being affected some time I will talk more about this, but for now except it as it comes, allow yourself to see what path it leads you on, to new discovery new awareness. Do you now see how expecting can ruin what you are truly receiving because you are not seeing the true value off what you are receiving. Some spend years tiring to find this feeling of nothing. You find it right a way but don’t want it because you don’t know what it is nor the value of it. Some learn to meditate and ask why they have so much trouble getting this feeling? Guess what, the answer is the same as above. It’s hard to find what you are obsessed abut. Klaus