Roberta's Coffee Table Book of Love

"Just Another Stuffed Poet"

From the Author of Living On Love "The Messenger"
Klaus J. Joehle

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To my sweetheart
 Roberta Joehle  
For her 39th birthday 
All my love 
Klaus J Joehle
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To My Sweetheart Roberta Joehle For Her 39th Birthday
All my love 
Klaus J Joehle

To a beautiful inspiring woman
Who brought out the best in me
With just a thought of her…
Roberta Petersen 
(Roberta Joehle)
Roberta on how this book was created
If it wasn't for Love
If it wasn't for women
And their ability to love
And share love
Where would we be?


The Next Day  
The Day After  
A Few Days Later
A Week Went By  
A Long Time
The Kiss
Just The Way It Is
The Last Stand   
To Go Beyond Our Imaginary Limits Of Love
Open Heart  
The Longest Moment
Openly Trusting
Summer Dance
Secrets of the Universe
The Dealer
One Tree Down
Isn't That So
For Sale
The Secret
To Love
Spider Man
I Wonder
Thoughts of You
The Secret
I Am a Dog and This is My Life
Here's a Riddle 
One Battle Too Many
The Stand  
To Beautiful  
Fearless We Should Be
Inner Love
What to do?
Day and Night  
Bear Hug 
To my Soul Mate
Children of Children
What do I Want?
What to Offer  
Another Day
To get Love
We Rush  
Sweet Wine  
So It Is
Dream Girl  
Want More  
Rosy Days  
Poem of A Nut  
Changing to a Probable Reality
To Change the Reality
Another Poem from A Nut  
Sweet and Sour  
Roses and Lollypops  
The Lovers Mist  
So it Is
No Instruction
Fear Not  
Knowing is Loving  
Fear Intimacy  
I Miss You
The Secret Kiss
One Man's Perspective
Trust Why
About the Author 


No Instruction 

The problem with relationships is  
There are no instructions  
Everybody says this and that  
So many things are said  
But there is one thing  
That everybody missed  
It's a simple thing  
But magical to no end  
It's hard to believe that something so simple  
Could be so profound  
Something as incredible as Love  
But the very essence that binds Love  
Behold my Love for I believe it  
To be a question  
The question we should always 
Ask our ourselves just before 
Will this bring us closer or not?  
The answer is so clear as will be the result

Cover Picture 

Woody is proud to be keeper of this book and says how his life has 
changed since finding "Living on Love"
I have been Roberta's friend and confident for many years through 
thick and thin. I feel now she has Klaus and practices "Living on 
Love" I can finally sit back and retire. My first ambition is to become 
captain of my own ship. Klaus says I can start on his boat "The 
Scurvy Dog" as a shipmate/ anchor boy and he will teach me the 
world of the sea. I am going to take Klaus up on this offer and while 
learning to sail the seas I will take up my other ambition in life and 
become a Pirate; which means Captain Klaus will have to walk the 
plank… HA! 
Lots of Love 
Captain Woody

I named this book "Roberta's Coffee Table Book of Love" because I 
took all the insights and the poetry I wrote for my wife during our 
courtship and pasted it in a book for her 39th birthday

I thought it to be a fitting title in my mind.

All my love
 Klaus J Joehle


 What is it that brings us together  
A bond  
A need  
A desire  
What is it? 
What might it be?  
Perhaps it is  
That we don't know  
What brings us together?  
In the end  
We are apart  
Then we ask  
Where did the love go?  
Perhaps we should have asked  
Where did the love come from...?

It is the love we have 
We share
We give
We receive
We feel
We express
That shows us who we truly are
The rest is nothing but an illusion
Today I got very quiet  
I asked my Soul  
Why am I here?  
I heard an answer  
To see Joy  
But what is my purpose  
I asked
 To be happy in the darkest day  
I heard  
That makes no sense  
I responded  
Because if I were happy  
Then it wouldn't be the darkest day  
I don't get it  
Perhaps I heard wrong....  
The Next Day  

Again I got really quiet  
Not a whisper  
Then I asked my Soul  
What am I doing?  
Searching for yourself  
I heard  
What will I find?  
I asked  
I heard the word  
I almost broke the silence  
With my snicker  
But I asked  
What will I do with Love?  
Share it  
I heard  
What if I don't?  
I asked  
Than forever  
You will ask this question  
Obviously I wasn't getting anywhere  
So I gave up 
The Day After  

I got really really quiet  
 And asked  
 Anybody but my Soul  
What's the big deal with Trust?  
I heard the word  
So what's the big deal?  
About Love  
I asked  
I heard  
This is stupid  
I don't know why I bother  
I heard  
Just before I made some noise  
A Few Days Later

 I decided to get really quiet again  
I remember saying to myself  
What's the matter with me?  
I don't seem to fit in anywhere  
You have forgotten something  
I heard  
O' Ya what's that  
I asked  
I heard  
Where did it go then?  
I asked 
But there was no answer
A Week Went By  

I got quiet  
But not  
As quiet as before  
I asked  
What is joy?  
Where is it?  
Did I lose it?  
Did I forget it?  
I waited and waited  
And waited some more  
But there was no answer  
A Long Time 

After a long time  
I asked my Soul  
Am I alone now?  
Did I ask too many questions?  
Did you give up on me?  
Like the rest  
Only a tear broke the silence  
Nothing else  
The week, A month, A Year
Who knows?  
But there I was  
Alone in the world of millions  
Like me  
But alone  
Without A thought  
Without love  
Without need
 Without desire  
Without want  
Without joy  
Anger, fear  
In silence of nothing  
But no answers

I asked  
Ever so carefully and quietly  
Am I alone?  
I heard the word  
No, ever so quietly  
Daringly I asked  
Who are you?  
I heard  
And who am I  
I asked  
I'm pretty sure I heard the words  
 The Love  
You experience  
You share  
You feel  
You trust  
You give  
You have  
You want  
You need  
Then what is all this other stuff?  
I asked 
I heard the word  
Here I am looking  
For me  
Behind every tree  
Rock and shallow  
Every day I find a little  
But how long will this take  
I asked  
But heard nothing  

I remember a time when I worried about everything   
Which was a good thing at that time, because 
Everything I worried about, happened
Then one day, I forgot,  
And all the things I worried about went away   
Now, I just think beautiful thoughts,  
And it seems beautiful things happen
Now, isn't that odd?  
It's almost like whatever I think, happens   
I think I can feel,  
A beautiful thought coming on...  

What is imagination?
What is reality?
What is truth?
Is reality what we imagine?
Or is that
Which we imagine
Then what is truth?
The Kiss

When we were young,  
Briefly we where together,  
Until another was allowed, to take my place  
18 years later, ever so briefly  
We were together again, before you slipped away  
Ten years later 
Again, we where together, ever so briefly,  
Even so, I had no choice but to open my heart again 
Because you kissed me, exactly the same way,  
As the first time, so many years ago,  
Now, perhaps your body is else where,  
But you live in my heart forever... 
Questions ???

It was a small cafe where I observed this couple a few feet away
 They were in what looked like an intense conversation
 I was wondering what is it they're saying  
Is he asking her such things? 
How was your day?
Do you enjoy your job?
What are your goals?
You're looking very sexy today!!
How do you see your future...Our future
Do you ever think about what it might be like? 
Or how it might have been?
My thoughts were quickly interrupted by a more important question.
Is he really listening?
Is he really hearing her thoughts and answers?
Are they really complete!
Patience I remembered
Why is it so hard?
Teach me

Roberta Joehle
Just The Way It Is

The world is one big bowl of soup
Spinning around
And if peas and carrots
Don't like each other
That's too bad.
Because they're sure going
to see a lot of each other
And nobody is leaving until
We are all nice and tender 
That's just the way it is

When a woman is loved and cared for, she begins to feel 
And when she feels beautiful around you she begins to fall in 
It's a long process, like growing a prize Rose with Love.  
For a woman, Love has many degrees and levels, if you give her 
reason to trust your Love completely, she will begin to feel safe.  
And if you can show her how deeply you Care she will begin to trust. 
And if she feels safe to trust, she will very slowly open like a Rose in 
the Sun Light. 
 And she will make Love in ways very few men could ever possibly 
It is like finding the rarest and most precious Black Pearl.  
She may have been with a hundred others but none would have seen 
this part of her. To only one, possibly two, 
Will she ever give this? 
It's like touching the Sun.  
You will never see a more Beautiful Woman ever Again. 

Sometimes life is like
A giant poker game
That just goes on and on
And when we get really good at it
Then the universe might throw us a curve
Just to make us think
Maybe it can get even better
And so,
The game goes on.

Relationships are sort of  
Like grabbing a bull  
By the horns  
But if there's love, trust and intimacy 
From both sides    
You might just come to see  
Eye to eye  
O' all the snorting  
And head spinning?  
I hate that when that happens.  
The things you gotta do  
For a kiss on the lips  

Home, the next place I rest my soul
The crossroads of life
Where to plant some seeds of faith
Grow some crops of Love
And ponder which path to take next
Before heading Home
To the next crossroads of life
Where to plant some...    

When a woman feels loved 
She feels beautiful
When she feels beautiful 
 She begins to feel safe, 
And then, she will begin to trust 
As she begins to trust
 She will wait and see
And when she sees your love can be trusted
 That's when the Magic starts 
She had asked to be  
Cherished, but Equal  
I said, impossible!  
She asked why?  
I answered, I don't know how   
So glad that she proved  
Me wrong   
And the dance begins
The Last Stand   

"Oh, my, aren't we the stubborn one?
Oh yes we are
The universe you would stand against
A thousand warriors, swords of steel drawn
Five hundred heavy horses
Against them you would stand with your dagger of straw
I have been a warrior forever and a day
And I do not know everything
But this I know:
The blood will run this day
It will be yours my friend
And also mine.
For with honor I must stay
So I ask you
Is this a good day to die? 
To Go Beyond Our Imaginary Limits Of Love

Several moments of quiet went by, I stirred the silence
 With words no one would dare say on the first date
How much love do you think two people could have for each other? 
I asked her, while watching a shiver of fear move through her body
After her shiver of fear settled in, she asked. What do you mean?
Well, what I mean is how much love can to people have for each 
other without controlling each other or one being dominant over the 
other, I answered. Thinking that perhaps it would ease the moment
But her body became tense and her face muscles where strained.  So I 
continued, I guess what I'm trying to say is, how much love can a 
person feel? Is there a limit on how far two people can go? What do 
you think is the furthest anyone has gone? 
I asked looking right at her and moving my body closer   
After many moments of silence and a very strained laugh, she 
Perhaps Romeo and Julian    
I was thinking beyond that and without having to die for it.  I think if 
people had no fear of love or of the possibilities then love could 
grow beyond anything that was ever imagined possible.  I'm talking 
about the kind of love between two people that is so strong that 
others can feel it in their presence Do you think that's possible and 
how long do you think it would take to accomplish that?   
The evening ended quickly, which is unfortunate because I wanted to 
tell her about a particular couple I had met several years ago.  
Perhaps, if she had seen what I saw, 
Then perhaps the evening would have been different
Open Heart  

When she was 8, she asked me  
Why must I grow old?  
I answered, you'll see in time  
When she was 30 she asked again  
Why must I grow old?  
I answered, soon you will know why   
When she turned 50, I asked her  
Why did you grow old?  
With a brilliant smile, that could bring a hundred men to their knees 
She answered  
If I was younger 
I would not be the Beautiful Woman  
I am Today    
When she was 90 she asked  
Why must I die?  
With a tear in my eye, I answered 
So you may become even more Beautiful! 

One Guardian Angel
Must possess an incredible
Unimaginable and totally
Inconceivable patience
 Send Resume and Lottery Ticket
To Box 40081
Attention Klaus 

There was love  
There was war  
There was fear
But why  
Was there no love in their Hearts?  
Or was it  
That there wasn't any trust 
Left in their minds 
An expanded range of  
An expanded range of  
An expanded range of  
Understanding, compassion, trust 
Have nothing to do with  
But with maturity and love  

Dreams, oh sweet dreams
They say
If it is dreamable
Then it is also achievable.
I see that now, ever so clearly....
The question is
Will I remember?
When I wake up?
The Longest Moment  

With a pain in my heart  
Our lips part company 
Never knowing if, and when 
They would meet again   
So I wonder  
What are the longest moments?  
Are they the moments that our lips are together?  
The moments that our lips are apart
Perhaps, I'll cut the grass 
Another day! 
Openly Trusting 
I've thought a lot about trust lately, partly because something has 
come up that has touched that part of me that I keep so well hidden   
I wonder what it is that I'm afraid of?  
 I wonder if I have really ever trusted, or if it was nothing more than a 
temporary illusion   
 I've thought about how many wonderful things I have destroyed, 
because of my lack of trust   
There is nothing in life that I have ever come across that I couldn't 
handle yet the question remains. Why am I scared?   
No relationship works without trust regardless of whether or not it 
consists of friendship, love, work or play   
It comes down to the same thing trust   
Maybe it's really myself that I don't trust   
Do I trust myself, that I will pick the right, what ever?  
Possibly? Maybe? After all who knows what's right for me better 
than myself   
I've heard it said that if you do what is right for you, that is selfish, 
but I know that if you don't do what is right for you then that 
becomes destructive   
So where is the balance?  
And what will happen to me if I just say the hell with it and just trust?  

Perhaps it's who I trust?  
Well that didn't work, did it? It appears I'm right back where I started 
 Well, that leaves me with one choice, doesn't it?  
  I hope that it's not going to be as painful as my lack of trust has been

On the other hand, Ladies First! 

The fears of trying
Will, in the end,
Shed the tears
Of Love 
"I sure hope I am right about this one..."
Summer Dance
The dance of love 
And what a dance it is 
Never knowing what step is next  
A step forward 
A step back  
A small step to the right 
Perhaps a large step to the left 
Waiting in anticipation of what words are next  
Wondering, do they match their thoughts and feelings? 
And the dance begins
So many have fallen
Wondering, fearing, hoping, trusting
O' the dance of love.... 

Such a small word
So fearfully spoken
 So rarely spokesman  
Just the very word  
Will causes a shiver of fear, in even the strongest warrior   
For all know 
No sword no shield no armor  
Can stand against....
Not even the heavy horses, would dare move forward   
Every warrior knows, that one by one they would drop   
Perhaps that is why the word is so seldom spoken  
Secrets of the Universe  

The key
Thought, Trust

The lock
Action, Love

The door
Result, Joy

The game
Day Dreams 

As I handed her back the papers  
I saw how the flickering light from the gray screen, reflected on her 
Not at all like the Sunlight it should be, I thought  
As I looked at her face, I saw it was hoping for more love   
I had no choice but to say something  
No woman should be sitting behind a dull flickering screen 
Having the very beauty that you are sucked out of you
What should I be doing? She asked shyly  
Being beautiful, I said. Enjoying life, bringing love and joy in to the 
Because you are a woman, it is what makes you beautiful  
And it's an embarrassment to waste a woman's beauty and love on 
For a moment I thought I said too much   
But then as I turned to leave  
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a smile that could bring  
Any man to his knees  
Perhaps, her day will go quicker, I taught  
And perhaps tomorrow all of our Dreams might come True    

I wonder about tomorrow.   
But then,  
That was yesterday,  
Or was it the day before?  
So what about tomorrow?  
O' forget it!  My love,  
Let's just fall in love again today. . .
To catch a dream...  
Do we need to chase it?  
Do we need to want it?  
Do we need to find it?
Do we need to fight for it?  
Or do we just need to Believe in it
 More than, in anything else
And with all our Hearts
Sometimes I wonder why we find it so difficult  
To stay together or even come together  
Is there something more than wanting to be together?  
Is there something more than loving each other?  
For who we are...  
Am I missing something?  
O' fear, jealousy, mistrust, doubt,  
Why would we bother with those things?  
Are they of any value? 
The Dealer

The players
The writers
The readers
Are all in the game 
She runs to think,  
To think what?  
To think if it is possible  
Was it not decided centuries ago?  
But she runs to think  
The world is round, so how far can she run?  
Before she's back at what has already been decided  
Could it be that she forgot?  
So now she wants to think, think what? I wonder?
She knows true love never runs, but love thinks and ponders  
So perhaps she was right after all, but then she knew that,
 All along, so now                        what is she thinking? 
To Love                                          To Trust
One Tree Down 

I remember a time when I was smaller, younger, faster, and my sword 
was swift.
One of my favorite games was sword fighting with the trees.
You might think that trees would not be very tough opponents, but 
they are.  It's just a matter of picking on the right ones.
In every forest there are at least a half dozen or so that are into it.  
This is where it gets tricky. Some trees like to carry extremely flexible 
swords and you have to be careful how much force you use or they 
will snap back at you with twice the speed.   
On the other hand, it is much less painful to be stabbed with a flexible 
sword than with the hard rigid ones.  Those hard rigid ones will crack 
your sword in half right in the heat of the battle.  Then you are stuck.  
The only thing you can do is run and hope some other tree will give 
you its sword.  That is, if you're not already staggering around with 
one stuck in your back.
To this very day I can still remember my battle cries as I walk in the 
And I hear the call, "Come on, old man, we dare you!"
As my heart awakens and the adrenaline pumps, I move swiftly 
But there is only silence as I hug them, and surrender my Love
Yes, many times I have been stabbed doing this; these scars I carry 
with pride and honor
Challenge me, and I swear by my life:
I Will Squeeze the Very Love Out Of Your Pores   

In Love, to my friends, the Trees
Isn't that so  
Should we follow our minds?  
Should we follow our hearts?  
How do we know which?  
Is the world we see and experience from the mind? 
Or from the heart 
Isn't that so...
For Sale

One Guardian Angel,
Twisted Sense of Humor,
As is, No warranty, No refund
Send check or money order to box...
The Secret  
The secret to staying in love,   
The secret to staying together 
 The secret to feeling more love than ever  
The secret to intimacy  
The secret to Love  
Could be.... 
When we get scared jump into the arms  
Of your mate and don't let go  
If there is true love, then everything will be fine  
If there isn't true love 
It's a good thing you got scared 
Some times fear will show us love  
Some Times fear will show us none 
Perhaps it's how we use fear 
That makes the difference in the end...
To Love?  
To Love or not to Love  
Isn't that the real question?  
Or perhaps it is not!
For it appears, there is only one answer  
So perhaps it is not a question  
But a desire held back by fear  
Maybe it's best, just to Love...  
And let the details carry  

By defiant
Defy that part of you
That says you can't
Defy it
And you will achieve it
I realize now what the problem is, I said  
My lips are too small!  
Laughing, she asked, why?  
When ever my lips touch you  
It takes forever, to be everywhere  
Still laughing, she asked, what do you mean?  
Perhaps I have not expressed it right, I answered   
You are so beautiful, that when ever  
I see you; I just want to eat you  
Like a Popsicle
 But my lips are too small  
And I know it will take forever   
Take all the time you need, she answered   
I wish, I had Giant Lips.... 
Spider Man  
Spider I am  
Byte I do not  
Swim I do not  
I look after the corners  
You do not   
Spider I am  
Friend, I can be  
Love you, I will  
Care for you, I would if I could  
But little I am  
Spider I am  
But like you, Love, I need...

Trees are the only ones I know
That like those Hugs
You know,
The kind where you squeeze,
But a big squeeze
I mean a really really big squeeze.
No not just big but really really really really big
The kind that makes your ears turn red
Now that's a Hug
Only trees like it that way, and me
I wonder  
Sometimes I wonder what  
You're thinking?  
Sometimes I wonder if you're thinking  
The same things, I'm thinking?  
Is it possible?  
But then I wonder  
Why we are apart?  
But I,  
Only wonder when we are  
And never when  
We are  
Thoughts Of You  

Even though, our bodies are  
I feel, ever so close to you  
Perhaps it is my thoughts  
Of you that binds me to you?  
But, perhaps not only my thoughts  
But the love and  
Of my thoughts  
Of You,  
And perhaps that deep inner trust I have  
For You...
Some Times  
Sometimes I wonder  
Why I love you so?  
Because I've seen you so few times  
But then, I see you  
And I See  
I see your inner beauty  
I see you're outer beauty  
I see the stars in your eyes  
But most of all,  
I see the way you look at me  
And I know, I had no chance....
The Secret

Yesterday I asked my dog
What is your secret to life?
He answered
If it runs, chase it
I asked,
What if it doesn't run?
He answered
Just wait....
If it makes you feel uncomfortable  
You don't need to write me  
It's okay  
If it feels better to phone  
Than do that  
But if you decide to write or phone  
It's easy  
Just write or say what you're thinking  
And feeling at that moment 
Not of tomorrow  
Not of yesterday  
And never of what you might think I want to hear  
Then you will see,  
It will always be Beautiful  
Because it will be You  
And for that moment  
Even though we are apart  
I will be able to be with you  
For that moment  
And only for that moment  
Will be One  
But it's a moment 
That can last a lifetime  
Because it will be You  
And that is, 
What makes it Beautiful  
Like You... 
She asked,  
What is it that you want from me?  
I answered.  
Perhaps someone to Love  
To be loved  
Perhaps someone to talk with  
To be heard  
Perhaps someone to touch  
To be touched  
Perhaps someone to trust  
To be trusted  
Perhaps a friend  
To be a friend  
Perhaps someone that is close  
To be close  
Perhaps a companion  
Stuff like that,  
Can you give that? I asked  
She answered
I Am a Dog and This is My Life
I sleep
I dream
I make a cat or two run
For their lives
And the day is done.
What a glorious life
Perhaps tomorrow there will be a squirrel
Oh, yes, tomorrow…
A big fat slow-running squirrel

Well here we are again 
Another day, without you  
Perhaps tomorrow that will be different  
But why tomorrow  
Why not today  
Why must we always wait for tomorrow  
Why must everything come tomorrow?  
What is it that is so appealing about tomorrow?  
Today is much better  
Everything should happen today and forever 
Then, when you are almost asleep  
In my arms  
I would be able to whispers these things to you  
But maybe tomorrow  
If it ever comes
Because today is now gone forever.... 
Here's a Riddle

Are you ready?
Okay then!
Conscious creation
Is a Conscious Creation?
(I never said that it was going to be an easy one)
One Battle Too Many

I have been a warrior
For as long as I can remember
I have stood my ground,
I have fought the universe, God and country
And the dragons inside
I am so good
At times I have even cut myself
And as the last warrior in me
With a tear in his eye
Lays down his sword
I ask, now what?

For a Woman Love as many levels and degrees  
To touch and see that deepest part of her Love  
Which so few men will ever see?  
It takes more than a smile  
Or a rose the morning after  
What does it take?  
To see this part of her  
Which she herself only faintly knows is there  
What is the key?  
Perhaps I would need to open more than any warrior would ever dare  
Vulnerable, defenseless and open  
Let her in 
As I thought, a bolt of fear tensed my body  
A part of me screamed, Never, We Might Die  
But then perhaps, if I survive  
She will let me in to that deepest Love  
Where no one has ever been before.  
If I survive  
I have died for less!  
But then  
Perhaps I will live  
And see more than I ever dreamed possible  
So what we'll be my fate?  
I wonder…
The Stand  

 Thick skull
 One sided  
I can be!  
But then
The universes
Or all that is  
Would not just send 
Anybody to Tame You   
Would they?  
But then I also believe  
That it is better 
To stand on the tracks  
Than to stand for nothing  
So we stand, looking at each other  
Wondering who will  
Squeeze the love  
Out of who, First? 

Ever so slightly she said, I could easily fall in Love with you
I said thank you but will you Love all parts of me?
What do you mean? She asked
If you open your heart to all there is, all life
All experiences, all people, and to yourself
Then you will actually be in Love
And no matter what I have done or not done
Will do or not do, will be or not be
Your heart will always be open
And perhaps in time my heart will learn to do the same
At this she turned away, swearing never to return
But I know differently
For Love has a soul mate named Trust
And at times they seem to be apart
But this is only an illusion
For they are inseparable
To Beautiful  
Just when  
I thought  
You could  
Not be  
Any more  
I woke up  
And saw you
 Their next  
To me  
At first  
I thought
 It was the sun  
But there you are  
So beautiful  
That it hurts  
I wonder if the  
Others before me  
Knew how lucky they were  
To bad  
Perhaps I am the luckiest  
Of all  
Because I know  
A treasure  
When I see one...  
The days go by so slowly with out you  
I almost can't remember the last time I saw you  
But then I close my eyes and I remember  
I remember your enchanting scent  
I remember your silky soft tanned skin next to mine  
I remember your happiness  
Your lips, how could I forget them  
Your smile, your laugh  
The river in the background  
How your body leaned into mine,  
Making every part of me sing with joy  
Then I remember the taste of the Mosquito repellent on your skin  
And I wake up  
So the days go by slowly  
It feels like I'm dreaming my life away
Waiting for you to return  
But then that's all I have... 

A thousand variations
Even so it is said
There are only two types of actions
An action of Love
A cry for more Love
But variations
There will be a thousand
Fearless We Should Be 

Sometimes I wonder why  
We run faster and harder from happiness  
Than from danger  
Have we experience so little true Joy  
That it scarce us so  
Or is it that we have become so acquainted with sad things  
That we think they are our friends  
What's so scary about Happiness?  
Are we afraid of losing it?  
Of not getting enough, once it starts?  
Many will stand and fight to the death  
But so few will fight to Love to the End  
Perhaps that is what should scare us  
O' but we know it so well
 And so afraid of Love and Joy  
So I wonder  
What is there to fear…?

Trust, with all your
Heart, not in me but in
Believe, with all your heart, not in me but in
Love, more than you think
Possible, not me but
Yourself, the Details will look after them
Selves, because when we
Love, Trust and Believe in Ourselves
It's all will experience
Inner Love

Inner Love is a
Natural experience
But when we cover
It with fear,
Anger, mistrust, and shame
We search for it in
What to do?

What do you want to do right now?
Would it bring
You and me
More Love and joy?
Then forget the rest!
Day and Night  
When we are far apart  
My sky is not as blue  
The sun is not as bright  
It is always night,  
But when you call and I hear your voice  
Even late at night
 The sun comes up  
The birds begin to sing  
In a blink of an eye it becomes the most beautiful Day  
Even late at night  
You hang up the phone  
The sun goes down  
The birds go to sleep
 My world becomes sad and gray
 And so it is
 Without You... 
Bear Hug 

Perhaps a little exaggerated  
But true  
To find a woman  
To win her heart  
To hold her heart forever  
Try this  
Find a female Grizzle  
Give her a big Bear Hug   
And ever so gently, bite her on the lip  
 When you let go  
That is when you will be put to the test  
If you survive  
You are ready for a woman  
Perhaps the trick is  
If you win her heart  
Never let go  
And make sure she has no reason  
To ask for it back  
That would be the safest way to go 
Would you, not agree? 
To my Soul Mate

There isn't a minute that goes by, where I don't think about you   
To me you are the most beautiful Woman in the World   
I know that for many this is nothing but a line   
But for me it is the truth  
I believe that it is our past that causes us to fear the future   
Perhaps some day you will trust enough to allow yourself to fall 
towards me   
With my life I swear, you will never see the ground   
There is so much more to be said   
Perhaps tomorrow  
My Love…
Children of Children

Here I am,  
Doing the same as others  
Was it, that I Learned what I Saw?  
Or was it, what I Saw I Learned? 
Perhaps if I had been more stubborn,  
To go where my heart tried to lead me,  
Then perhaps I would not have learned what I Saw  
Which now I work so very hard to forget  
So I can start over, and truly the me  
So listen to your heart, I tell my self  
Forget the rest  
It hasn't been easy leaving behind the fear, mistrust  
Self-doubt and all the rest  
So here I am
 Wondering what to do next? 

Hell is watching your
Dreams die
Because it's not just your
Dream that dies
So we might as well
Die chasing our dreams
That way, at least, we have
Lived for something
What do I Want?

To live by the ocean
To be rocked to sleep
To Love
To be Loved
Someone to trust in me
When I forget
Someone to believe in me
When I forget
I wonder what she wants?
Perhaps she is trying to follow her own heart?
Perhaps we will see each other when we meet?

She asked,  
What will our life together be?  
What will happen to us?  
What will we experience?
As I held her in my arms  
Gently touching her beautiful dreamy skin, I answered 
We will love each other so much so
 That we will make a difference in this world  
The rest is up to you to dream  
Tell me what you dream and together we will create  
Your Dreams  
With your love I can make anything happen  
I will add my own spices and twist to your Dreams  
To surprise and delight you  
Are you sure this will work? She asked  
With Love, everything is possible, I answered.  
It is the dreamers like your self 
That give us everything we have ever had  
With out the dreamers no boat would sail  
No plane would fly  
No mountains would be climbed
No child would ever sleep   
It is when the dreamers hold hands with the believers  
That's when the Magic starts  
For those who Believe, Create and those that Dream, Inspire 
As she fell asleep in my arms Dreaming  
I knew tomorrow would become the most glorious day yet 
For I believe 
I have heard it said  
That when a Believer and a Dreamer come together with Trust 
Love was created  
Sweet Dreams 
My Love 
Sweet Dreams 

Time is the magician,
That makes the illusion.
Of a billion snapshots,
Look like movement.
Without time
We would be frozen
In the moment
Which moment?
		Every moment
As we lay they're looking at each other  
I was wondering  
She asked  
Why are we together?  
Because of Love, I answered.
 What does that mean? She asked
What was she really asking? I wondered  
O' those moments of silence that feed the inner fears  
Quickly I answered  
You listened to me and heard my words  
I believe that you will truly try to help me experience my dreams  
As I believed that, I began to Love you  
Now I want to help you create your dreams 
Even more than mine  
  Gently touching her face, I asked
 Tell me what you dream 
 I will do everything I can to make them true  
But what if you fail, she asked  
Then I will try again  
With your love and trust I can do anything  
More moments of silence fell  
But she seemed to glow in a way I had not seen before  
As I watched her eyes close 
I asked, what are you dreaming?  
Your Dream, My Love  
Why mine? I ask, Gently touching her  
Because you have fulfilled my today's dream perfectly  
I wondered  
As she fell into her Dreams  
How did I do that?  
All I did was listen  
Perhaps what she dreamed today was to be heard  
I wonder what it will be tomorrow  
As I fell into my Dreams, 
I wondered  
Why does she Love me?  
So it is that Dreams become Reality
That is my Dream

Patience has never been
One of my virtues
The thing is, I now wonder
What is the rush?
Mind you I have learned something,
The minute I have patience
For something, it comes
Ten times faster
Now isn't that odd?
On the other hand,
For crying out loud,
How long
Do I need to wait?
What to Offer  
A million kisses  
Over a thousand Dreams  
A million Hugs  
Over a thousand days and nights  
An endless amount of cherished moments  
Over a life time 
A thought of you  
Over every moment  
My love  
Over every breath I take  
What more can I offer  
For this is all I have  
Of true value  
It is something you can take  
To where ever you go  
And no one can take it from you  
For once a gift is given from the heart  
It cannot be taken back 
Another Day

And so another day ends.
But was it really another day?
Are the days different?
Or is it me who's different?
Where does the illusion start?
And where does it stop?
I wonder!
To get Love
Forever I searched for Love  
In others  
In me  
In the day  
In the night  
Nothing is what I found  
Then one day I gave Love  
But I forgot to ask for anything in return  
That was the day when I found Love  
But some times I forget  
That simple lessen  
Then I feel un-Loved  
Isn't that odd? 
We Rush  
We run 
We strive  
We dream  
We hope  
For fame and fortune  
Hoping for what?  
I scream at my self  
What is it that I want?  
So needy  
Perhaps to be freed of my foolish desires  
Why am I writing this?  
I'm already late  
As I was rushing, I wondered
 Are my foolish Dreams   
Any harder to achieve than the logical ones?  
Perhaps not…
Sweet Wine  
Sweet night  
Soft whispers
 Sweet wine  
Soft laughter  
But it's the sweet wine  
That shows us our true feelings  
And thoughts  
The ones we so carefully run from  
Morning comes  
We go back to the illusion of reality  
But we worship that Sweet Wine  
For it shows us who we truly are  
Till one day  
When we no longer fear our true feelings  
And face them with Love  
Thereby releasing the false reality we have hidden behind  
For so Long... 
So It Is

Shit happens
If nobody says No!
And gives Love
Then it will
Just keep on happening
And then, who's really to blame
Dream Girl  
You have nothing to fear 
From me  
Nor from my world  
For I believe in Freedom  
I have no need to change you  
Because I believe in Freedom  
You do not need to explain yourself  
Because I believe in Trust  
It is not that need you  
But that I want to share my Love with You  
So all that remains  
Is for us to hold hands  
Look into each other's eyes  
Love each other for who we are  
If you ever truly find something that is more important  
What could be more important? 
Than starting each day this way 
Want More  
I like it, enjoy it, love it  
When you laugh  
When he laugh together  
When you smile  
And smile at me  
When we look at each other and smile, laugh, grin and smirk  
When I hear your voice  
When we talk  
When we are together  
When you move closer  
When the make love  
When you share your feelings and thoughts
When ever we are together  
When you sleep in my arms  
When we trust in each other  
When we believe in each other  
When you listen so thoughtfully  
When we touch  
When you write, phone  
The list is so long  
I could go on forever  
Perhaps tomorrow I will  
But most of all when I feel your love for me  
And my love for You  
That the best, greatest, most
Rosy Days  
Before you came along
 All my days where fine  
So it seemed  
Until I saw  
What I was missing  
Without you their 
My days without you  
Are not so fine  
Especially when things go wrong  
Until I think of you  
Then everything is rosy again  
I have never met  
The woman  
Who tastes so fine  
Whose skin so soft  
Whose eyes so warm  
Whose heart so large  
But what will I do  
If you don't want me  
Like I want you  
What will I do then?
Perhaps continue to love you in my heart  
As I have done for so long  

Relationships are simple
Before you say anything or plan on doing anything, ask 
"Will this bring me closer"
Create a feeling of oneness and Love?
If so, it is good
If not, ask yourself
"Why am I destroying this?"
The answer of a thousand failed relationships
Will sit before you.

(We can discuss, debate and argue about everything  
but it basically boils down to only this)
What would the world  
Be like without you  
Without those you gave life to  
Without the love you gave and shared  
Even to those who could not return it  
What would the world do  
Without the warmth of your smile  
That has touched so many  
You will never know  
Without your kind thoughts and words  
Which have helped so many  
It is said that you may never know  
The difference you have made  
Perhaps we should have told you  
The difference you make just by being you
Poem of A Nut  
Sometimes I wonder  
If I should do things differently  
Maybe if I stopped asking  
So many questions  
Then my  
Minutes, hours, days, years would not  
Be spent searching for answers  
Perhaps I would be happier  
Have more fun  
Play more, Love more  
But the questions Love me so  
I here and answered calling my name  
Where might it be?  
Why can't I be more like you?  
Changing to a Probable Reality

Every time a decision is made,
A whole universe is created where the decision is played out.
In fact, it already exists and since time is not linear
Any decision can be reversed
As if it was never played in our reality in the first place
It is so easy to do
That every one does it constantly in an unconscious way
At the moment when a decision is made
We enter that probable universe and reality
Where that decision is played
It's not only decisions that cause the shift
But also thoughts and what we believe
As an example
 If we think and believe we are unloved, that is the probable reality we 
are flung into
And there we will stay until we change our beliefs
 Or until someone comes along who makes us change our beliefs and 
But that will never happen until we shift into a loving reality
Which we cannot do, until we change what we believe and think
And so we go in circles
Forever experiencing the same end results
To Change the Reality

First we must detach what we see, hear, and experience
From our thoughts and beliefs
That will begin to release us from the probable universe
We are experiencing now
Then we change our thoughts and beliefs
To the point that we experience what we want in our minds
As the thoughts and beliefs begin to take hold
We begin to shift
At first the shift occurs unnoticed
But as time goes on and with practice, we can begin to see the shifts
Or perhaps if we choose, we can wait until
Scientists discover a mechanical way, That's if we live that long

I've heard it said that if we truly believe
In whatever, then we would already have it
Then it is because we don't believe
That we do not have it
And perhaps our thoughts are not in line with what we want
Another Poem from A Nut  
Sometimes I wonder  
How you could possibly  
Love me  
It must be hard  
Doesn't it drive you nuts?  
To look at me  
To listen to me  
To be with me  
Perhaps you're really an Angel  
That must be it...  
Sweet and Sour  
Ever have the day  
When everything seems to go wrong and right  
At the same time  
By the end of the day  
You don't know if it was  
A good day or bad day  
Like sweet and sour  
That's when I wish you we're here  
Because than all I would see  
Is you  
That's an excellent day  
Isn't it strange how sometimes  
The smallest things are misunderstood  
Like when I ask a question  
About us  
It's just that I have wanted all my life  
For a beautiful woman like you  
To love me  
So when I ask you  
How much do you love me today?  
It is not out of lack of trust  
But of love and designer  
For you  
To give you the very best I can  
It is true that at times  
I appear impatient  
But my impatience is not, of not of getting enough  
But that I desire with all my heart  
To express my love for you  
To feel the love you have for me  
To grow with you more deeply in love  
Each day  
So what appears at times as impatience?  
Is really and truly my deepest desire poorly expressed  
At times misunderstood  
But desire for you me and love it is  
Roses and Lollypops  
Yellow polka dotted roses  
Blue lollypops  
The kind the last forever  
That's what you remind me of  
Because they're beautiful  
They bring out the Joy  
In me  
Just like you do 
Evil exists only in the mind  
Of those who wish to phantom its existence  
No where else and to no one else  
Change the word evil to  
Fear, lust, hate, difficulty, secrets  
Answers, joy, light, health, darkness  
Happiness, trust, jealousy, fun, intimacy  
And read the paragraph again  
That's the secret of the universes  
Now change the word Evil to Love   
And so we change our lives  
The Lovers Mist  
When lovers are together or apart  
 The things they do for each other  
Is it not of Love?  
Then even when she is cutting the grass  
That the share  
He is cooking the meal  
That they share  
Are they not making Love?  
When he writes  
Is he not making love to her?  
When she phones  
Is she not making love to him?  
So making love expands to every word 
Every action and every thought  
So perhaps when he asks  
When will I see you?  
He was making love to her  
When she's answered  
You will see me but I can't tell you when  
She was making love to him  
Behind a veil of surprise  
Then in the moment of thoughts and words  
Came the lover's mist  
For they did not see that each was making  
Love to the other  
Every word spoken  
Every action taken  
Every thought felt  
Must always be remembered  
And done as an act of making Love  
Then there will be nothing to fear  
Except the immense amount  
Of Joy that will burst  
Upon these Lovers  
For that is how the universes makes love to them  
If you could only find a way
 For us to live in my poems
 Then everything would be beautiful  
Like you  
So it Is 

Here I am once again  
Laying with my torn heart  
In joy of knowing you  
Seeing you  
Loving you  
But also in pain  
Of watching you drive away into the sunset to your home  
Never knowing if this was the last time  
That we might see each other  
Each time you leave  
It becomes harder  
Not only that  
I also have a cold  
You know how us men are  
When we're sick  
And without a warm loving woman  
To heal us  

Questions are something  
Aren't they?  
They can be funny  
And loving  
You can ask the same question  
The thousand times  
And never hear the same answer  
Questions move my Soul  
As the very love I am  
Made of  
But the questions I ask you  
Are the most precious?  
Because the answers come from you  
It is true that some questions  
Bring pain  
Some bring Joy  
But to not ask  
And by that missing  
The possible moment of Joy  
My heart is willing  
To take the risks  
For in the end  
I know that I will  
Find more Joy and Love  
Than any man has ever dreamed off  

Perfection is not beauty  
Love and acceptance  
Of imperfections  
Is beauty?  
Most beautifully expressed 
No Instruction 

The problem with relationships is  
There are no instructions  
Everybody says this and that  
So many things are said  
But there is one thing  
That everybody missed  
It's a simple thing  
But magical to no end  
It's hard to believe that something so simple  
Could be so profound  
Something as incredible as Love  
But the very essence that binds Love  
Behold my Love for I believe it  
To be a question  
The question we should always 
Ask our ourselves just before 
Will this bring us closer or not?  
The answer is so clear as will be the result  
Fear Not  

If you ask  
You may be  
A fool for now  
But if you don't ask  
You'll be a fool  
Until you do  
At least that's what  
I tell my self  
When I look like a fool 
Knowing is Loving  

Yesterday someone asked me  
How do you know if you're truly in Love?  
And with the right person  
And not just in need, lust, fear  
In the moment of silence that followed  
I asked my inner self for an answer  
To my own surprise  
These words came from my lips  
You'll know by the choices  
You, we, us, everyone makes  
When we choose to do the things  
The words, the actions, and the thoughts  
That bring you, us, we,  
Closer each day  
And perhaps also  
When the word no to others attempt  
Comes as natural as breathing  
Without second thought  
The when you, me, us, everyone  
Will know true Love
True Love must be nurtured and grown  
By every thought, action and word  
For these are the keys in true Love  
Fear Intimacy  

I don't know why  
But Sometimes I get asked the strangest question  
Right out of the Blue  
How do you, I, me, others know  
If someone is truly in Love with  
Me, you, us, others  
And not just filling their needs, ego  
I rubbed my forehead hoping for an answer  
From my inner self  
I had no answer  
But I spoke the words  
By their words that match their actions  
When the word is spoken  
And if you, me, we, I, us, anyone  
Finds us, you, me waiting for the actions to follow  
Then for Love will be waiting  
In true Love words follow actions of Love  
In lust, need, ego words come first  
With only the action of  
Lust, need, ego to follow  
With even more words to follow  
And on it goes  

I have a need
Perhaps more than one
To be touched by you
To be held by you
To be with you
To laugh with you
To smile with you
Before we met
I did not have these needs
So now I wonder where they came from
 Why are they here?
What are the needs?
Who do I ask these questions?
What do I do with these needs?
What are they for?
Are they caused by insecurity?
Or by love
For you my princess
These questions might be simple
But for me they are the secrets of the universes and all that is
The answers elude me so
But every rock I will search
Every tree I will ask
So that one day, I may tell you
What perhaps you already know...
I Miss You

I miss you so
Sometimes to the point
It hurts
Yet at times you feel so close
It's just when you are with me
I have everything I ever wanted
But then at times it hurts
When you're not with me
And I miss you 
The Secret Kiss

The one I give you
Late in the evening when the candles are almost burnt down
After you have fallen asleep in my arms
That's the one that I can never tell you about
The one you will never know
But a beautiful kiss it is
Like no other
Only for you
For no other
So sleep my princess
For tomorrow
Another kiss there will be
But you will never know
Perhaps in your heart you will 
For this one
Most certainly comes from my heart
There I will keep it safe
Until tomorrow
When again the candles burned down...
One Man's Perspective

Looking her right in the eye
I asked her
 So are we in a relationship
Are we going together?
How do you feel about us?
I told you just yesterday she answered
Yes I answered, I would like to hear it again
Most men would tell me I'm nuts for asking such things
But I remember a time when I said nothing
This is what she would ask
Are we in a relationship?
Are we going together?
Are we still seeing other people?
How far will our relationship go?
Why don't we spend more time talking?
Now for most men when we hear this
We get a sinking feeling like quick sand
As our world tightens around us
But not me
I ask first and smile
As her world tightens around her
Play their game
Now that's the way to play

If she ever reads this I'm dead!!!

Is a gem?  

 The diamond in a ring  
The woman who can cook
 The man who can listen  
The pearl from the ocean  
There are many gems a person may receive  
Only one rings true to me...
The gem that is kept deep inside where no one else can reach  
Protected by many... in forms  
Of Anger, shyness  
Lust and need  
This part sits in the very center of your soul 

The greatest gift I can give or receive  
Is that part that no one else has received  
The part from the very center  
It's the energy that surrounds  
Protects our heart and soul

 Only this will bridge us together  
Not the gem in a ring or the pearl from the ocean  
But the energy that no one else can receive  
It has to be given and then there will be no other needs
 That is really the only gem that is important to me 

Roberta Joehle
Trust Why

I trust my sweetheart
Because I see how she loves
Not just me but also
Those that others find hard to love
I admire her ability to love
I am grateful that she has chosen
To show me this love also
When a woman loves a man
It is beautiful and filling
When she trusts a man
Like I know she does me
Then I know how much I have grown
The feeling and pride is beyond words
That trusts I guard in my heart
So that even I trip
It will not be broken
For I know that as a man
I will never find something 
More precious




Magic of A Woman

Magic is when a woman sees beauty in a Man
And by that, he becomes that Beautiful
When a Man is touched by the Loving and encouraging words
Spoken by a Woman, who sees his Beauty
A thousand years of war and bitterness drift away
When a Man can see that her words
Can be trusted and her thoughts are real
Then that inner strength she saw and spoke of shines through
As he continues to Believe and Trust
Those loving and touching words of who he is
The misplaced strength that brought on a thousand battles
Turns to a touch of a feather with the strength of a tiger
His kiss will be that of the sun
His words that of the moon
He may have been with many others
But to only one will he Love this way
For in the reflections of her loving words and the touch of her 
He saw himself and his own beauty shining outwards
With the strength of Love rather than by Sword
Few will ever see a Man this way
And only to one will it be given
He will love in ways few Women will ever experience
Never will you see a more beautiful Man
It's like touching the Moon on the darkest night
But if it is lost
The battle will start again
It is my strong suggestion that you read a book called "Think and 
Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill written in 1960; yes it is about money 
but if you look and read it carefully you will see that the principals 
will apply to all things, Love, Peace, Money and so on. Put the 
principles of sending love together with Napoleon Hills principles 
together and you have an unstoppable winning combination. For the 
law of the universe is simple; if you can imagine it then so can it be, 
and if you are determined for what makes your heart sing then so it 
will be.

My books I give away happily as my part. Although costly in time and 
money, it is a labor of love. If this book is of value to you then see if 
there is something you would like to do, there are many options you 
can choose. You could donate time or money; even one dollar helps 
to cover some of the costs. Another option is you can tell your 
friends; that would help in cutting down my advertising costs. You 
could if you are so inclined; write an article on the books and where 
to get them and submit it to a local new age magazine; or even take 
out a small ad in one of the magazines.

The more people see this information and put it to work for them the 
better it gets, not just for them; but also for every one around them. 
This was my gift to you what you do now is up to you. It is your life 
and your world.

Choose that with brings you joy.

All my love to you
Klaus J Joehle

 About the Author(s) 

Klaus was born in 1957 at Black Forest Germany. At the age of nine 
and still with the wonderful idea that Canada was the wild west, 
where Cowboys and wagon trails still existed; Klaus was sent to live 
with his aunt and uncle in Rosedale British Columbia, Canada. 
Although he was disappointed at not seeing the western plains and 
chuck wagons, he lived in Canada and grew up to accomplish many 
things. He has not only written this book but it follows Living on 
Love "The Messenger"; Weekend With "a" Drunken Leprechaun 
"Finding Your Joy" and comes before two more wonderful additions 
soon to be published. 
So keep a look out for them.



These poems are not just poems they are a work of art filled with 
love. Klaus sent these to me during our courtship while I still lived in 
Edmonton, Alberta; often they would come by themselves with no 
letter on a little tiny piece of paper, back of a napkin or even as a 
bunch of pieces made into a puzzle for me to put together. He would 
write me sometimes once a day other times three times a day and send 
them off in a hurry and forget to put the correct address on the 
envelopes; guess what they still use to reach me. We had many a 
laugh over how the post office must have been so amused with the 
envelopes they would just find me no matter what. By the time Klaus 
and I reconnected, I was not an easy person to convince that real love 
was out there for me and poetry alone was not going to do it. When I 
would open the envelopes I could feel the love energy he put into the 
paper, the words and my heart; these are not just poems they are our 
journey back to each other after being apart for more then twenty-five 
years. I proposed to Klaus and we were married May 1st 1999.
Klaus I thank you for this beautiful gift; you are my: 
"Supreme commander of the world, the universes and all the 
surrounding territory plus the best darn Sword Swinger and lover 
anywhere also part time dragon tamer and Poet."  (A little something 
Klaus use to put on the envelopes)

Our love will stand beyond this world 
Our love will fill the sky with light  
So even the day will shine with the stars of the night 
We will face our fears with the strength  
of a dragon and his fire will burn them out 
The only thing left will be the ashes that turn to our bright lights 
The light that makes our hearts shine
Your heart beats like a drum inside my soul 
Our souls dance united like the grace of a waltz 
But most of all our love is complete and continues to grow  
Only to spread like the heat of the sun and touch the souls that watch 
Like the lines of a circle which never end neither will my love 
All my love Sweetheart