Dear Klaus, I received your tape last week… Thanks! I just have a question for you about the meditation. It seems to put me into a trance state and then I fall asleep. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I prefer lying on my back while meditating (On the floor). I was wondering if it’s your voice that’s putting me to sleep or will this pass? It’s a nice tape and I have no complaints, but it makes me want to sleep. Most sincerely, W.S.

The tape is meant to put you into a trance like state but at that point if you do not follow the instructions then you will most likely fall asleep. In the instructions there are certain breathing instructions to follow and also if you just listen to the tape instead of actually doing what it says to do then again you will fall asleep. Do you see what I am saying? If you are focused on sending love, then you will not fall asleep. The fact that you are falling into a trance like state is perfect but you need then to stay focused on opening and sending love. There is a delicate balance between the trance state and falling asleep. The tape is designed to put you in that trance stat but it is following the instructions that will keep you from falling asleep. If you do exactly what the instructions say to do you will come out if it fully energize and bussing with energy.

A lot of people write me asking for the tape that I use to play the lottery. Well this is it all I did was take out the train sounds and change the lottery stuff to opening and sending love. If you have read my book then you know I used my tapes to go into a very deep trance for doing the lottery that’s how the tape was first developed and then later progressed to opening and sending love in order to create what we want very fast.

Let me tell you this tape has become very popular and I am getting a lot of letters from people that are saying it is the best meditation tape they have ever listened to. But they’re are also people writing me saying that they are falling asleep and the reason is exactly as I just explained. That’s why I give four pages of instructions with the tape.
If I listen to the tape and do not follow my own instructions then I to will fall into a trance state and then fall asleep. It is from my own experience that I developed this tape.
If you continue as you are doing and just focus on what it tells you to do you will be amazed at the results but you need to do it as it is laid out for you.

There is much more to this tape then what you can hear on it. I have spent more time on this tape then on any one thing in my whole life except for sending love. Even reproducing the tape is very time consuming but is all done for good reasons and to see that you get results also. I do need your commitment to match my commitment and when that matches you will live the life you dream of and more. My tapes, my books have one purpose and that is to enable others to empower themselves and to realize that you have endless wisdom strength and the ability and power to do and create anything you want. And all you need to do is stand up and claim that right and your power. The tape is nothing but a tool to help achieve this. My tape is there to help you to reach inside yourself and see the greatness that lies there waiting to be reclaimed by you. But the desire to reach this must come from you. Get excited and stay that way no matter what.

The first 35 years of my life were hard and I remember it very clearly I see it all around me in others and that is why I give the book away so others can see that the power to create the life they dream of is there inside them. All I can do is show you that its there I can’t do it for you. Make sending love and opening to receive the number one thing in your life above everything else not only will you benefit but also every one around you will benefit. Do not follow anyone’s words but only your commitment and excitement that empowers you. Every day every moment you have a choice to either commit to something empowering or live your life as it is. To some it will come hard to some it will come easy I don’t know why. All I know is it is a gift we where born with and we need to stand up and claim it easy or hard, be indifferent to it.

All my love Klaus