Audio Meditations

“Allowing and Receiving” meditation record (16 min)

“Opening the Flow of Love” meditation record (30 min)

“Ten Minutes to Radiance” meditation record (45 min)

“Sending Love to Your Children” meditation record (30 min)

All these empowering meditations were recorded by Klaus Joehle as mp3 files.

“Money is Love”
Some Things are Worth Believing In

The Real purpose of life might be found, seeing beauty, just experiencing life in a joyful way.

The digital audio edition recorded by the author.

The print edition, edited by the author.

Meditations for the book, the author offers the knowledge of how to create a joyful life.


Monthly talks

“Reading between the lines” 
(two parts) audio talk by the author

Leprechauns and Trees”  
(two parts) audio talk by the author

Pepper and Slow Cashiers”  
Audio talk by the author

Who is your best friend?” talk – Making our dreams stronger.

“Why is it all like that?”
Audio talk by the author

“Fear energizes” (two parts). Klaus explains fear and how one can enjoy it.

Everything clicks for me! ”
How you can always be lucky.

A Leprechaun’s “Everything clicks for me” song – by Timmaniak

How I created the life that I’m living right now (two parts). Klaus realizes why all this stuff happened in his life. Mentions aliens, Lobsang Rampa, Tibetan Monks. Holds some things back.

“The art of sending love”
Audio talk by the author

Just live and have fun
Audio talk by the author

Letting go of what you don’t want”
Audio talk by the author

Self-protecting beliefs
Klaus on how easy is to change what you believe in. Audio and text.

Knowing what you believe
Talk about leaving the meditation on during sleep.

To love what you are
Audio talk by the author

“Stop trying to hug me!” or “Stop trying to make me what you want me to be” Audio talk by the author

A little story on how love works
( two parts). Audio talk by the author

Message to the Talk Board.
Audio talk by the author