There have been alot of guestions asked regarding this book and although I cannot answer them all, I will do my best to answer what I can.

1. Is it possible to send love to deceased people?

2. Also, if I may, I notice you do not say anything in ‘Living on Love’ about sending love to an enemy. I realize your philosophy goes beyond Christian principles, and I anticipate that you might say that someone following your methods would be incapable of considering anyone an enemy, but what are your thoughts on ‘Loving your enemies’? Could you share them with us, please.

1. You can send love wherever your thoughts can go as in if you can think of it you can send love there. But your mother is now back in the source of love and does not need it. That is all there is where she is. There are no such things as regrets, hurts, pain, and so on where she is.

The book “money is love” does explain in one ore 2 chapters how we have come here and why. I can totally guarantee you that where she is she has no regrets and is happy beyond all that you can imagine. When she is ready she can chose to experience life again – if that is what she wants.

2. Yes you can send love to your enemy and thereby releasing them of the bond of being your enemy. By thinking of them as your enemy you are forth fully holding them in your life. By sending them love you are beginning to releas them, and allowing better things to come into your life.


Subject: Living on Love Meditation Tape – Application and Questions

I have enjoyed your books and have your love meditation tape, as well as allowing, and lottery tapes. I have gotten good results, but I have never been consistent with the usage to make my life one of consistently being love.
I started doing the love tape daily, and have had some catastrophes, such as my fiancée’ calling the marriage off, and IRS problems, ex-wife harassment, even mice and roaches, which I have not had for over 10 years.

Is this a detoxing type of process, that I am encountering negativity while I am clearing it?

Additionally, I have been sending love to my ex-wife, who has a lot of anger in her from a abusive childhood. It appears to stimulate her anger more than ease it. Is it possible that sending love to some people may not work?

I have to admit as well, I have not been doing the allowing tape as much as I should, will start doing that today.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide


Before you enter into sending love you have to bring yourself into a happy positive state of mind and you can only do this if you are thinking of things that make you happy as in all the positive things that are going well in your life even if there is only one thing that’s enough. As you focus on it, you will feel good as you feel good you begin to radiate love to that element in you life that makes you happy and so more things of good feeling elements will be brought into your life. For instance, you will find yourself speaking to your ex-wife on the days she in feeling good.

Then as you send love to the days that she is feeling good, that power will create more of those days for your ex-wife and for you. You have not been focusing on the positive aspects that is why the opposite has come to you.

IRS problems, ex-wife harassment, even mice and roaches are not negative things to love they may be presented to you in a negative way and you will attract the IRS person that reflects what you have been thinking and feeling. If you truly were sending love to lets say the IRS personnel you would be thinking of all the happy helpful caring people that work there and so you would attract them into your life and the others would go some where else for they have a right to be as they choose. As does your ex-wife she has a right to be happy or not; but as you think and send love to all the happy moments you have had with her and seen her happy you will create that for yourself that experience. For she will not have contact with you on the down days and will find that she is always happy when speaking with you and so will react accordingly it will all build on one good thing onto another.

The best thing for you to do is look up Abraham hicks material especially the last news letter for Oct to Nov 2003 it is free on their web site. They spend a lot of time and effort explaining why you must focus on the things that you want to experience then when you have understood this then go back to sending love and you will see things will turn magical as long as your focus remains on that which makes you heart sing.

For me to write more would mean I would just be repeating what is already written and available. Let go of the crap around you sit down and study the material. As you let go of the crap, around you, it will let go of you but you have to let go first.